Oct 13, 2011

The Comics Cube!'s Resident Kid Reviews the DCnU: SUPERMAN #1

Two weeks ago, I did two DCnU reviews. I reviewed SUPERMAN #1, and then I had the Resident Kid review FLASH #1.

What I didn't mention was that the Resident Kid, soon to be the Resident Teen, also read SUPERMAN #1 and had an opinion of it. When I met with Budjette Tan of at the TRESE booksigning this past weekend, he asked if I were planning to do more reviews from the Resident Kid, as he is the supposed target market.

So, without further ado, this is my memory of our conversation about SUPERMAN #1.

Me: What'd you think?
Kid: It was okay. Superman's a little mean in it.
Me: Mean?
Kid: Yeah, even as Clark. He doesn't really come off as Superman to me. He's not nice enough.
Me: Yeah, that's one of the things they're doing. They're trying to make him cooler and more badass.
Kid: Why?
Me: I dunno. You're the target market. You tell me. Wouldn't that be more appealing to teenagers?
Kid: I don't think so. I mean, it's Superman.
Me: What's Superman to you?
Kid: It should be like the Superman on JUSTICE LEAGUE (the cartoon). The guy with the heart of gold who would never let anyone die.
Me: How would you rate this against FLASH #1?
Kid: Well, this is much, much better. I read FLASH in 3 minutes. I read this in 20. I might even go back to it. Much better.
Me: What do you think of the ending?
Kid: What about the ending?
Me: The romantic subplot. Does it interest you?
Kid: No, not really.
Me: What kind of ending would interest you?
Kid: Superman saving the day, and then a new threat looms on the horizon. That would be good. More exciting.
Me: What did you think of the art?
Kid: I think it's good. Better than FLASH.
Me: You know that George Perez did the layouts?
Kid: What does that mean?
Me: It means he planned out the entire thing, put the characters where they're supposed to be, and then left it to someone else to finish the art.
Kid: Oh. Why didn't he just do the whole thing then?
Me: Would that have made it better?
Kid: Yeah. Much better.
Me: Should I get the second issue?
Kid: Yeah. This is good. I think it's worth it. I'd read it.


David Walton said...

My nine year old son was on the opposite side of the spectrum. He loved the first issue of FLASH, but he simply couldn't read SUPERMAN all the way through. And keep in mind this is a kid who read the entire Harry Potter series in one summer.

My son did like both issues of ACTION, though. A lot.

I enjoyed SUPERMAN 1 well enough, but I can see where this wasn't the most inviting book to bring kids back to comics.

Personally, I'd like to see Giffen draw SUPERMAN in cosmic Kirby fashion. Have him do just off the wall spectacular things. Then we'd get a more down to earth Siegel/Shuster take in ACTION, and stuff that would make even OMAC seem tame by comparison on the flipside.

Duy Tano said...

In addition to just having varying tastes, that could also be the difference between the three years of age.

I wasn't ultra-happy with SUPERMAN #1, but my brother, my nephew, and I liked it just enough to justify a single purchase of #2.

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