Sep 6, 2011

RIP Dave Hoover

I've just read on the Comics Art Community that Dave Hoover has died.

Dave was never a superstar artist, but I thought he was one hell of an artist. And I'll always thank him for introducing me to one of my favorite characters, Will Payton, one of DC's many heroes to claim the name "Starman."

Fittingly enough, this issue of Starman that I bought back in the day featured David Knight, the older son of the original Starman, Ted Knight. This is the one issue of Will Payton's STARMAN series (written by Roger Stern) that plays on the Starman legacy. It would therefore be the sole issue that played into James Robinson's STARMAN series, which itself would become my favorite mainstream series ever.

I'm also going to credit Dave Hoover for the work he did on the Roy Thomas–penned INVADERS series in 1994.

I was already a big fan of the Marvel Golden Age heroes, from Captain America to the Blue Diamond, but in this series, they used some Golden Age public domain characters. I wasn't aware of it myself, but serendipitiously, I found a book in the school library at around the same time, indexing some Golden Age superheroes! The whole experience opened up the Golden Age to me. It was no longer limited to DC and Marvel/Timely, and it also introduced me to the concept of public domain. It was an eye-opener.

Additionally, Dave Hoover was just a talented artist, one who could make Captain America's horrible FIGHTING CHANCE story worth looking at, at the very least.

Rest in peace, Dave Hoover.

You may view his Comic Art Community folder here, or send his wife and family your condolences here.

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Lili Wang said...

Mr Hoover will be missed deeply.

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