Jun 2, 2011

Reactions to DC's Linewide Reboot #4: Pol Rua

As part of DC's linewide reboot, I solicited some comments and reactions from some fans and asked some of them if I could put it up on The Comics Cube. I was going to put it all up in one article, but they ended up meriting separate posts.

This one comes from Pol Rua, who works in a comic book store in Australia. He draws a lot, and is obsessed with monkeys.

My specific question to him was to give me how he felt about the creative decision, and more importantly, how he felt about day-and-date digital, which I had specified felt like a slap in the face to retailers. And of course, Pol, being a much bigger man than I am, had this to say:


On Digital Distribution and New Readership
Pol Rua

Honestly, if they can take it beyond gimmickry and actually produce accessible, quality work that's all-ages appropriate, great. If not, it's just the same stuff with a different hat on.

It may or may not screw over the brick-and-mortar stores, but digital has to be a good thing... making stuff more readily accessible to people who don't want to or can't get into a comic shop and aiming at a wider audience.

And even then, exposing DC stuff to a wider audience may get people who'll read digital getting curious about what else they might want to read... maybe even curious enough to come into a comic shop and ask the weird monkey obsessed guy behind the counter what HE'D recommend. So it might even be a GOOD thing for retailers.

I realize he's not behind the counter. Sue me.

On a personal level, this is why I stopped buying 'Legion of Super-Heroes'. Continuous reboots promising different re-tellings of the same stories just didn't interest me... but hell, if I don't like Ultimate DC, I don't have to read it... and if OTHER people (preferably kids and people who are currently being alienated by DC's publishing habits) DO... well, damn, I can't begrudge them that.  

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