Jun 23, 2011

Easter Eggs in Comics: A Tribute to Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez in INFINITE CRISIS, Part 1

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My article about Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez managed to grab a lot of attention, with both fans and pros coming to proclaim their love for the man's work. So it seemed fitting to me to showcase some tributes to him from one of DC Comics' (relatively) recent events, INFINITE CRISIS.

Garcia-Lopez loves to use a particular pose when he's coming up with the iconic shots that he's known for. Specifically, it's the one Captain Marvel is doing here.

Here's Wonder Woman doing it.

And, most importantly, here's Superman doing it for the Taito video game.

Here's the same exact Superman pose for his old letter column in either ACTION COMICS or SUPERMAN.

And here's a DC SUPER POWERS calendar, where both Wonder Woman and Superman are doing it.

INFINITE CRISIS, a sequel to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS twenty years after, utilized two alternate versions of Superman: the Golden Age "old" version from Earth-2, and the young Superboy from Earth-Prime, who were both whisked away at the end of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

To signal their return, artist Phil Jimenez had Kal-L, the "original" Man of Steel adopt a familiar pose.

Later on, when Superboy-Prime goes insane, he's banished to the Speed Force. And when he comes back, Ivan Reis has him assume the same iconic pose.

Those are nice tributes to Jose Luis. And there's one more in INFINITE CRISIS! Can you spot it? Check back here next week for the answer!

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Norby Ela said...

those poses just never bores me. hehehehe

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