May 2, 2011

Where Will the Cube Be This Weekend?

Hey there, folks. I was planning on writing some longer blog posts this weekend on a few topics, but my computer table broke, and now it's a pain to type for an extended period of time. You can expect the following posts when I get this damn thing fixed or replaced:

  • A new edition of Social Issues in Comics, which is my reaction to SUPERMAN #900, where Kal-El renounces his US citizenship
  • A new edition of Comic Book Glossary, a comprehensive look at "the masking effect"
  • A Top Five list of the things I've really loved in comics in the last five years
  • A new edition of Reclaiming History, featuring Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Now, this next stuff is important, because it's ridiculously time-sensitive, so I will plow along on this makeshift desk just to tell you where I'll be on Saturday, May 7.

I'm going to be at the Metro Comic Con first thing in the morning, and by that, I mean at 10AM. I'm there to do two things. The first is to get a copy of BATHALA: APOKALYPSIS #3, by David Hontiveros and Ace Enriquez.

As much as I'd like to say I'm getting it purely for the desire to support a local indie komik — and there is that, yes, as evidenced by my reviews of issues 1 and 2 — I must admit to a more selfish agenda: this comic features my interview debut! Yes, I'm currently holding an email correspondence with Dave, and the abridged version of our chat will appear in this and all future editions of BATHALA. The full versions will be up on both our sites.

I'm also going to be at the con to talk to David Lloyd, famed British artist of many, many things. Hopefully, he'll give me the time of day and I can interview him for the Cube, but if not, I can at least get him to sign my copies of GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET, V FOR VENDETTA, THE HORRORIST, and WAR STORIES: NIGHTINGALE. The latter is in bad shape, but that's just how much I read it.

I have this version of V FOR VENDETTA. Jealous?

I really wish I had NIGHTRAVEN and KICKBACK though. Hopefully they'll be selling copies.

After that, I'm going to Robinson's Galleria for Free Comic Book Day at Comic Odyssey!

There'll be artists there, including Gerry Alanguilan, whom I'm going to ask to sign my two copies of ELMER, which has just been nominated, and rightly so, for an Eisner Award!

The other thing is that a con isn't a con without Sandy, who runs Comic Odyssey, simply because he always has the best collection of back issues and old trades. Why, at the last con, from him alone, I got a really cheap copy of Topps' excellent LONE RANGER AND TONTO TPB by Joe Lansdale and Tim Truman, as well as a really good copy of MARVEL VISIONARIES: STEVE DITKO for 750 pesos (read: 18 dollars, as opposed to the original price of 30). I also got a great copy of THE PUNISHER MEETS ARCHIE, which really makes me want to do a "best of" crossover list.

So that's where I'll be this weekend, folks. If I can get these Cube cards printed again, you can look for them in certain spots where I'll ask the vendors to give 'em out.

Enjoy, and see you if I see you!

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