May 20, 2011

There's a Superman/Morrissey T-Shirt Going Around....

...and it looks like this.

Click here for where this originally appeared!

Now, the Superman part is drawn by Bob Oksner and is from the original cover of ACTION COMICS #454.

Morrissey and Sandie Shaw are drawn by Paul Cornish, who runs the blogs Last of the Famous International Fanboys and The Amalgam Age of Comics. I was first drawn to it while I was searching for Amalgams (that's mixtures of comics characters), and this particular image stuck out to me because I am a big Superman fan, Peachy is a big Morrissey fan, and we are both big hamburger fans.

Now, here in the Philippines, a local T-shirt manufacturer whom I won't name has been using Paul's Photoshopped image. I came across it on Facebook and asked them if Paul knew about this. They asked me for Paul's contact and asked him for permission, he gave it and jokingly asked for a free shirt, and then he never got a response.

Although Paul has no problems with it, because he's not really licensed for either part of the image, I still feel it's important to let people know: Paul Cornish did this; he drew Morrissey and Sandie Shaw, juxtaposed the Moz beside Superman eating a bunch of burgers, and had Morrissey say "Heaven Knows You'll Be Miserable Now" to Superman. It's not his characters, but it's his joke and his effort that took two disparate images and made them something that's T-shirt-worthy.

In this small little hobby of ours, credit is important. So if you see someone wearing that image on a T-shirt, remember: Paul Cornish did that.

And with that, I greet my fellow comics enthusiast, Mr. Paul Cornish, a very happy birthday! Go over to either of his blogs and wish him a happy birthday there.

Visit Last of the Famous International Fanboys for Paul's thoughts on comics.
Visit The Amalgam Age of Comics for more Photoshop jobs.


Paul C said...

Thanks loads dude. :)

Anonymous said...

where can i find a shirt?!

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