May 8, 2011

Meeting David Lloyd, and Other Tales from FCBD 2011

Well, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day 2011, the biggest day of the year for comic book retailers globally. I made several stops. First, I prepared my mom's digital camera (because mine sucks) and tested it with a gift my friend Aviva gave me:


Seriously, isn't that a beautiful piece of work?

The rest of the adventure is a little photo-heavy, so I'll put in a jump break right here. More after the jump!

I went over to Comic Odyssey at Robinsons Galleria and got my comic book freebies! I made sure to get the MOUSE GUARD one for my nephew, the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN one for me, the ARCHIE and BONGO ones for Peachy, and a bunch of kiddie stuff for the kids.

This is Sandy from Comic Odyssey. He's awesome.

In addition, Sandy was giving away packs of 50 old comics each! There's some old 90s stuff in there that may be considered unreadable, but there are also some gems — like a WILDC.A.T.S ADVENTURES book drawn by Ty Templeton!

I also bought some comics from Sandy, including issues of Ron Lim's SILVER SURFER and two issues of Marv Wolfman and George Perez's NEW TEEN TITANS, including this one:

This was it. The most expensive one. Everything after this is a piece of cake.

I am now only two issues away from completing Wolfman and Perez's NEW TEEN TITANS. Maybe I should just get the rest of the JUDAS CONTRACT too, even if I have it on TPB.

I also met with some familiar people — Peachy; my colleague, Alma; and her husband, Adrian — and a couple of new faces: Danry Ocampo, a regular reader of this here website:

Me and Danry. Someone reads the Comics Cube!

I also met a guy named Alex, a fellow Spider-Man fan that I "met" on the Internet. We had a good laugh about some people who reside on the Internet, and he asked me to cover more technical-related stuff on comics on this website. You know, stuff like Comic Book Glossary and Comics Techniques and Tricks! I'm glad to have met someone who reads that stuff, as that's actually really the kind of stuff I love writing about.

Now, I don't have a picture of you, Alex, so you'll just have to settle for a picture of me with your friend, Lex:

After Comic Odyssey, Peachy and I went straight to the comic con, where we struggled past the legions and legions of cosplayers so I could do two things. The first thing I did was buy a copy of BATHALA: APOKALYPSIS #3, which has my interview debut! I interviewed David Hontiveros, and the interview will be showing up in this and future issues of BATHALA. I'll be putting up part 1 of the unabridged interview soon. In the meantime, go buy it, because BATHALA is cool and my favorite local komik today.

All right, then came the coup-de-grace. David Lloyd, known mostly for being the artistic co-creator of V FOR VENDETTA, came to the Philippines! I brought a lot of comics and was going to ask him for an interview. While in line, I met Lex (pictured above).

I introduced myself to David Lloyd, and he said he recognized me from Facebook. Maybe he was just being polite, but I got giddy, because no matter how many of these artists I meet, the feeling of awe has never left me. It's still electric, and it always, always makes me feel like a kid again.

The first comic I showed him was my copy of GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET, where he drew an 8-page backup story. He said, "I don't see this often! It's a good story!" Then he started flipping through it and Lex said, "Dude! He's browsing your comic book!" I said, "I KNOW!"

And then he signed it.

The next one I gave him was my battered-up copy of WAR STORIES: NIGHTINGALE, written by Garth Ennis. This comic is coming off the staples, and I was ashamed of the condition it was in, but David just said, "This has been read many times! I like seeing that!" And as you can see from my face, it made me glad to hear that.

And then he signed it.

He also signed my copies of THE HORRORIST:

And my newly bought copy of KICKBACK, which was the first physical copy I've ever seen since 2005 (when I had no money to buy it):

And of course, like everyone else, I had a copy of V FOR VENDETTA. He flipped through it a bit, signed it, and then picked up a red crayon. Then he started drawing.

I cannot tell you what a jaw-dropping experience this was. He just started drawing V by the shadow. He wasn't even using contours or outlines; it's like he worked out the light source and said, "Hey, you know what? I'm going to draw this all from the shadows." That stuff is hard, and it's not something I see often in comic book art. And if I could say something to him before, I really couldn't, not after this:

See, this is exactly the kind of thing that is beautiful about comics. When you see someone like David Lloyd drawing something like this in two minutes, and you see his process and marvel at how unconventional it is, it really is a magical feeling.

Afterward, Peachy gave him her copy of V, and told him that it was the only comic book that ever made her cry. He said, "A not unusual reaction!" And then he proceeded to draw in hers, a profile of V this time.

And then, we got our pictures taken with David Lloyd. And I giggled like a little girl at a Twilight premiere.

I was going to ask him for an interview, but on the one hand, I figured he was a busy man (I'd seen his schedule), and on the other hand, I couldn't. The words wouldn't come out. All I could say was "Thank you" a jillion billion times.

Peachy took some pictures of Lex with David afterward:

And then Peachy and I spoke to Danry, Lex, and Alex for a while, me lamenting the fact that I did not get to interview one of my favorite artists ever, and Peachy telling me to go back and ask him. I didn't, knowing I would just be starstruck again.

So Peachy and I went to watch Thor afterward, and it was even better the second time around. Peachy really enjoyed it, and I still loved it. I was so high on the movie and forgot all about my embarrassing moment when it was done when I got a text from my mom.

It said, "Did you get that interview with David Lloyd?"

Thanks a lot, Ma! (And Happy Mothers' Day!)


Danry said...

I love this post...biased as it may be...Free Comic Book Day was great!

Duy Tano said...

It was good meeting you, Danry! If you're ever in the Makati area at a reasonable time, send me a message!

fanboy420 said...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! GUess what, I forgot my copy of V at home cuz i thought I wasn't going to get to meet him, but I did get to meet him and had nothing to ask for an autograph with so he grabbed a piece of paper and made me a sketch out of thin air and shook my hand and said something very british that i couldn't fathom and then i shed a tear and died inside! <3

Duy Tano said...

Dude, if I were you, I'd have bought a copy of V right then and there! Isn't watching him draw incredible??

Aviva said...


Norby Ela said...

good day, man.

Allysons Attic said...

Thanks for sharing your day Duy. I have that problem too... planning to ask questions of my idols, but once I'm actually there in front of them, the only thing I can do is nod my head and smile{Cheshire cat smile}.

It was such a great weekend for me too.
It was mother's day week end so I got what I wanted Saturday and Sunday. {yes I also take a whole month for my birthday}.
Anyway we went to Moonlite Comics in Frankfort Ky. I got my free comics and my husband took off with the kids to get them ice cream so that I could go though the old comics without distraction. I bought $50 extra dollars worth of stuff and got two free TPB because of it. Then we went out to eat and went and saw THOR... that was a really well done movie. I LOVED Asgard.

Paul C said...

Wow, a hand drawn David Lloyd sketch on your copy of V for Vendetta! I'm very, very jealous. I'd love to meet him. My mate's met Alan Moore and I'm burning with envy towards him too.

Duy Tano said...

Aviva: Yes, the CALVIN AND HOBBES book really is amazing. Thank you.

Norby: Yes, indeed, a very good day.

Allyson: Free comics rule! I hope you got some of the kiddie comics for the tykes!

Paul: One of our local writers spent a few months in England last year and met Alan Moore during a talk in Northampton. He posted pictures, then his wall was flooded with comments of "I HATE YOU!" I would love to meet Alan, but I'm afraid I'd just end up asking him for a lock of his beard.

pj said...

i'm soooo envious, but also extremely happy for you.
that sketch--priceless.

Joe Burden said...

That sounds like an incredible day man!

Enjoy the Complete Calvin and Hobbes as well. That's my most prized posession (as in, would save from a burning building, even if it is as heavy as the sun...)

PIG said...

Darkseid Photobomb!

Norby Ela said...

is that the 100 bucks one?

Duy Tano said...

Yep. :)

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