Mar 27, 2011

Rob Granito Is an Asshole

My mom came back from the US recently. While she was there, my old friend, Aviva, who is awesome, sent her a present that she had been meaning to give me for a long time. I received it recently, and while I have yet to read it, I'm glad that I finally have it.

Oh, what is it? Oh...

That's right. It's the COMPLETE CALVIN AND HOBBES, by Bill Watterson. Look. It says Bill Watterson on the spines of the books.

You know what it doesn't say on the spines of the books? Rob Granito.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, you say, "Who the hell is Rob Granito?"

Well, I'm going to point you to a couple of Bleeding Cool articles about Rob Granito, who is a gigantic fraud.

Among his many supposed credits, he's supposed to have worked on both CALVIN AND HOBBES and GARFIELD, a  combination that anyone who knows anything about CALVIN AND HOBBES (the most anti-commercial and solitary [in terms of its vision and execution] comic strip that has ever existed) and GARFIELD (just about the exact opposite) would know this was impossible.

But here he is, pretending and swiping people's works. And making money from it.

"But Duy, what do you mean 'swipe'?"

Well, here's a picture of this asshole:

And here's a cover of ADVENTURES IN THE DC UNIVERSE #1, by John Delaney and Ron Boyd.

Does that Wonder Woman look familiar?

Yes, yes it does. Because Rob Granito swiped it and made her cross-eyed.

That's another thing that sucks about it, is that he ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. This is his Luke Skywalker.

Of course, I found out about him through Ethan Van Sciver linking to this particular eBay sale.

And the thing is, I don't even think Granito did that stamp. He's just not that talented.

Granito showed up at Megacon this weekend and still continues to claim that he's worked in the comics industry when no one has ever heard of him prior to this.

Rob Granito is a fraud. Perhaps more importantly, Rob Granito is a giant asshole.

I've joined the anti-Granito group on Facebook. I suggest you do as well to send a message to this asshat.


Paul C said...

He's undoubtedly a knobhead but I can't help but feel a little bit sorry for him. From what I've read he seems like a bit of a simpleton. Of course the knowledge that he's been making hundreds and hundreds of dollars from his swiping for over a decade lessens that sympathy a bit.

Peachy said...

Echoing Paul: he does seem like a total dimwit, which has made me feel some pity for him. But yeah, when I think of the people he knowingly hoodwinked out of some serious dollars, my sympathy for him just collapses.

Plus, he has that sort of face that says "Punch me."

Sasquatch said...

Don't know if you've heard of Richard Prince in the fine arts world (I hadn't until I got the MFA). He's an "appropriation artist," meaning he just lifts stuff from other people and calls it his own art. Your Granito guy reminded me of Prince, but Prince has made millions rather than hundreds of dollars doing this sort of stuff. I can't stand this sort of thing... and

Sasquatch said...

Just one more link:

Duy Tano said...

Paul and Peach: I do agree that he seems too stupid to know what's actually going on, but I can't find it in myself to feel sorry for him in any way. It doesn't help that he talks in a way that really does make me want to hit him.

Sas: I haven't heard of him till now. Thanks for sharing. I HATE that kind of shit.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I Have Been Reading This Story With Some Interest Because I Am Actually A Attorney/Lawyer. I Dont Know The Kid Personally But I Have Felt Interested In This As A Case So Have Done Some Research. First Off Many Examples Of Swipes And Homage Have Exsisted In Comics For Many Years. How Many Examples Have We Seen Of The Famous Fantastic Four Cover 1 All These Years. This Guy Seems Like A Hard Working Artist Whos Mistake Maybe Was Forgetting To Credit His Homages. People Like Mark Waid Should Realize Their Taking Food Out Of The Mouths Of Those Innocence Children. Again I Dont Know This Guy Personally But It Seems To Me He Suffered Enough And We Are Crossing That Line. In A Court Room Because I Am Actually A Lawyer I Can Tell You That Just Becaused Of Populiar Opinion Doesnt Allways Mean A Closed Case. Let This Go Away So This Guy Can Get Back To Work To Do What He Loves And Support His Family. He Is Not Forcing Any Body To Buy His Artwork. This Has Been Blown Up And It Proves Comic Pros Can Be A Click And Work Against Those Who Arenot Popular. Thank You For Your Time.

John Shields, Attorney

Duy Tano said...

I've known way too many lawyers to know you're not one.

In the event that you are Rob Granito, I want to tell you flat-out to your face: YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.

Peachy said...

Dear Rob,

Your name isn't John Shields, and neither are you a lawyer. You are also doing a bad job posing as a legal professional because no one with your execrable spelling could possibly make it through law school.

Of course it's blown up -- it needs to be blown up because frauds like you are making money off other people's hard work. You willfully drew up a bogus list of credentials to bamboozle folks who didn't know any better into buying your dreck. You must have been the sort of person who plagiarized indiscriminately as a student and felt that you were well-justified in doing that.

Rob, Rob, Rob. Just deal with the consequences instead of posing as some random dude across the internet. Learn to credit your sources. And stop fudging up your CV just to puff up your profile.

Also, it's "clique," not "click." Among others.


Duy Tano said...

I'm so sad that money is being stolen from innocence Rob.

Anonymous said...

Obvious Granito is obvious.

Duy Tano said...

Now now, he could be a troll. Or a friend of Rob's.

Which still makes him an asshole.

Unknown said...

I dunno. As bad as it is, the spelling's still too good to be Rob. Also, Rob probably would have f-ed up Mark Waid's name. But he's certainly no lawyer.

Duy Tano said...

Actually when you check it out, he has no misspellings - I mean, he uses the wrong words, but he doesn't have anything in there that's not an actual word. So be proud, guys! Granito learned to use spellcheck!

Anonymous said...

Rob Granito still hasdone more in his career than any of the intenet fans the wannabees allways will be jealous. all the guy did was some tribute art i am not a friend of Robs i dont even know the guy personally but its not like he raped somebodys mom grow up peoples

Duy Tano said...

I agree. Rob has done more in his career of fraud and thievery than other people. Because other people aren't frauds and thieves.

You know what "tribute art" is, Rob? It's when you ACTUALLY PAY TRIBUTE AND CREDIT THE SOURCE.

Not to mention the fact that you ABSOLUTELY SUCK.

Anonymous said...

all im saying is the guy made a few mistakes but your calling him an asshole and insults thats taking it too far i know this is youre blog but you can be judge by your work to

Duy Tano said...

I call it like I see it, Rob. And that's this: YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.

Duy Tano said...

Let's get this straight out of the way: You, Rob Granito, are an asshole, a thief, a fraud, an untalented jackass, and you deserve none of the money you make, and all of the dickery you get.

Ben C said...

Rob, I don't see how calling you an asshole is taking it too far in any way whatsoever. What you're doing is plagiarism, plain and simple. If you were a college student, you'd be expelled. If you were a lawyer, you'd be disbarred. If people are trash talking you because of the fraud you have committed, then you deserve every last bit of it.

Anonymous said...

Obvious Granito is still painfully and embarrassingly obvious. Seriously, this is so painful to watch. Rob, do you actually believe people don't know it's you? Seriously? Seriously? You're completely illiterate.

Anonymous said...

I have two stories in a furry comic and I have still done more in this industry than you, Swipey McStealer.

And here's a protip: don't compare your shit to rape, because one day the odds are high that one of your daughters will find out what that is firsthand (one in four females are assaulted in their lifetime so you have a 50/50 chance of it affecting your family so STFU)

PS I notified the Monticello Times Herald-Record of your fraud, so they can alert everyone in your hometown what a rat bastard you are. Just wait till they read the part where you claim to have done artwork for a Medal of Honor recipient. You think the comics people are bad, just wait till your local military families get a hold of you.

Duy Tano said...

I drawed Snoopy ones. It must meen that eye am a Peanus artest.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's worse, Anony--er, Rob: that you stole TONS of work from other people, that you show no remorse for it, that you are functionally illiterate, that you create fake or anonymous IDs in a failed attempt to refute what the Internet is saying about you, that you completely and utterly fail in doing so since you're as obvious as Sarah Palin in a whorehouse, or that you are entirely untalented as an artist. The bottom line: You have done NOTHING in the course of your entire career except steal and lie. Your bio and credentials are entirely fictitious. You have never done ANY work for ANY publishers whatsoever, and no one in the industry had any idea who you even were before Thursday. In every respect, you are a complete and utter failure save for one category: con artistry. You belong in jail.

Jason A. Quest said...

"I drawed Snoopy ones. It must meen that eye am a Peanus artest."

Sorry, Duy, but as an actual porno-graphic-novelist, I'm afraid I have to tell you that you are not a Penis artist. :)

Duy Tano said...

See, Rob? That's an actual artist on my blog. Commenting. Actually. With correct grammar.

Jason: If I were, I'm fairly certain it would entail a major lifestyle change! Haha, I'm glad you commented. I can backlink to your blog in a bit.

Peachy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. This thread is gold, pure gold.

Jericho said...

I'm not a comics fan. Heck, I don't even know jack shit about the numerous artists who work in the industry.

But this thread is, as Peachy said, pure gold.

Please keep it going guys. I need entertainment this afternoon. :)

Anonymous said...

My name is gabe carey and i have personally seen him do the real art work many times and it was always his work and looked great if any of you have seen him work then you can say something anyhow you have made him a celebrity and i know he will be at the new york convention not with a table but as an atendee and he will con front the haters in the meantime any sight or blog who wants to interview him can paypal him a fee because of all the attension he is bringing to blogs and sites i heard his manager say this

Duy Tano said...

Nice try. A familiar writing style as well. You just don't give up, do you?

We've all seen his final products. They ABSOLUTELY SUCK when they're not swiped, and they are absolutely obvious when they are.

In short, FUCK OFF, Granito, you asshole.

Peachy said...

Rob, you need to expand your vocabulary. There are bigger, brighter, more magical words than "personally" out there! Every post you come up with has "personally" in it, and you're doing the English language a disservice by ignoring the wealth of words out there!

And you're hurting the comma's feelings by pointedly ignoring it and making it feel unloved. Commas make the world go 'round, boy!

Also, it's "attention," not "attension." Among others.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I just found out about this peckerhead today, and I just have to put my two cents in. "Douchebag" Granito, you are a steaming pile of shit that could only hav e come from the Devil's ass. You lie, steal and cheat your way through life using precious assets that REAL artists created. THEN, you go around blogs and forums, trying (and failing) to pose as a fan of yourself or someone who "doesn't know the guy but likes his work" in some feeble attempt to get the heat off of you. It shows us two things about you. First, it shows how desperate you are, that you must be grasping at straws like this. Next, it shows that you are way too high on yourself. Also, the fact that you have your dumbass "manager" carry a weapon around places with CHILDREN? Yeah, that's BEYOND stupid. So you dear sir, you may fecker off and rot. It's only a matter of time before you end up in an orange jumpsuit.

Anonymous said...

Hi My name is Gabe and Youve got an awesome website thanks man. Anyway I have been reading this story to and i have to say we see alot of tribute arts with cover homage and swipes so why blame it all on this guy. Ignore him at the conventions if you dont like him but were else is he supposed to earn a living this entire thing is so blown up i havent met mr rob granito yet but dont they say everybodie deserves the second chance. Thank you for reading again great website lol

Peachy said...

Wow, you didn't use "personally"! I'm impressed!

Peachy said...

--or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

i dont know him personally i am just re acting from the newsstory i think alot of fans are still rob granito fans they are just not as loud as the haters

Duy Tano said...

This is the cover to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #5.

It is a tribute to a Jack Kirby cover.

The differences between this, a "real" tribute, and a Granito piece are manifold. Among them:

-That Jim Valentino and Todd McFarlane had the common sense and good courtesy to credit The King in the signature
-That Jim Valentino and Todd McFarlane did not just take the Jack Kirby cover and run it through Photoshop filters, or turn it around and add some minute strokes to it
-That Jim Valentino and Todd McFarlane actually have talent and do not ABSOLUTELY SUCK

Where else are you supposed to earn a living, Rob? I don't know where. The comics community - a community full of outcasts - has cast you out. But I can tell you HOW. Try something honest for a change.

What's that, you say? You're not Rob Granito? Well, tell your friend that he has no fans. No one even heard of him until Thursday. And now he's the Internet man of the moment, the douche of the business.

Rob Granito has had his second chance. He has had his chance to admit that he was wrong, to go back on his false claims. And he has not done that. And if you are indeed not Rob Granito, you are not helping his case.

But of course, you ARE Rob Granito, because no one would bother defending Granito right now.

I don't know how much more simply I can say this, so I'll just say it this way.




In short, Rob Granito, you are, and I'll say it again, an ASSHOLE.

Quick, everyone! Click on Ty Templeton's site to see Rob Granito called a dick and a fecal jackass!!

Paul Lee said...

Anonymous, anonymous DC assistant editor, Gary Taylor, Jon Shields Attorney, Gabe Carey... we need to keep an on going list of his lame aliases. Imagine, he just got called out by the entire community and he's sitting at home haunting all the sites and blogs that hate him. He keeps trying to pretend to be someone else to defend himself. Could there be more pathetic person? Kruger Dunning Effect. Granito is too stupid to know he's stupid. He thinks everyone is as stupid as he is.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Granito
Ive been watching this fiasco since it started. And as bad as you seem I felt sorry for you. I thought- this poor shlub, hes gone and let his big dreams get ahead of him, and its made him do stupid things, and now its all bitten him in the ass. I had visions of you sitting on the edge of your bed crying with the realisation that even though it was fun to feel like a big shot for awhile, it was all false, and the truth is that you have failed. You never were a famous comic artist. and now you never will be. (At least not the way you wanted)
But there is no revelation for you. You dont see why thousands of people are rallying against you, Your not even trying.
The best your mind can produce to combat this onslaught of popular vitriol is to create idiotic, slithery, pathetic fake responses that eveybody knows is you. Do you really think thats going to do it? REALLY?

I dont hate you, but youve turned me from someone who had a tiny shred of compassion for you, into someone who has nothing but contempt for you.

I dont wish you any ill will, and I have the utmost sympathy for your poor family. But you sir are a pathetic human being.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Sarah Palin in a whorehouse. That mental image is going to keep me warm and tingly all day.

Anonymous said...

I am a real lawyer. Rob, you are guilty of copyright infringment. Case closed.

Rachael said...

I actually have worked as a cartoonist for a textbook company, Flat World Knowledge, for a year and a half putting together a new graphic novel for them. So believe me when I say I am NOT a wannabe. YOU'RE the wannabe Robbie-boy.

You swipe the artwork of hard working and self-respecting artists, call it your own, say you've worked with people who can't vouch against you because they are DEAD, and then you go to conventions to make pretend that you could ever do what others have put more hours and money to learn to do better than you ever will. YOU. ARE. A. FAKE.

Now stop commenting on these blogs under bogus aliases and go find yourself another line of work.

A working cartoonist

Anonymous said...

true fact: Rob Granito appears in this and another video. You're welcome- Edmund

Anonymous said...

No he doesn't. Troll links.
But let me tell you who is annoying. This guy who has to keep replying to every single blog, comment, article, with 'Obvious Granito is Obvious'. Yeah, Granito sucks. But this sentence isn't clever. It isn't witty. It isn't funny.

Duy Tano said...

Yeah, no troll links please. Call it like it is, folks.

And I don't think it's any one guy saying "Obvious Granito is obvious." There's a lot of them.

And a bad catchphrase is not anywhere near as annoying as an art fraud.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I'm the guy who said "Obvious Granito is obvious" on this thread, but I'm hardly the only one saying it. I've seen people saying it on several boards. It's a way to show unity, and to cal out an obvious faker. And frankly, I couldn't care less if you find it clever, witty or funny. This conversation isn't about me--it's about the liar, thief, con artist and art fraud called Rob Granito, who IS blatantly obvious every time he poses as someone else. So yeah, I'll keep saying it, and I'm sure others will as well. That you have decided to attack ME, who is not a liar, thief, con artist or art fraud, instead of Granito, makes me suspect that... yep, you guessed it... obvious Granito is obvious. The only difference this time is that you've apparently had someone who isn't illiterate write your response for you this time, in an effort to throw off those who see how obvious you are. In short, Rob: Screw you.

Jay C said...

I am co-owner & promoter of the CT based comic convention "ComiCONN", & since Mr. Granito has taken some of his "valuable" time to post his thoughts on this blog I am hoping he reads this post of mine & takes it seriously. We at ComiCONN would like to offer Rob Granito a time slot in 1 of our panel rooms to simply reproduce a piece of art in the same way he claims he has been doing it "legally" for years. If his process requires all day then he can have the room all day, whatever amount of time he needs we would gladly provide him with. The only that he do it in front of everyone who wishes to watch. This could be a learning process for all who attend as well as an honest way for Mr.Granito to show he does in fact have the artistic skills required to produce 1 if not some of the controversial pieces that have now come under suspicion. Rob if you're out there & reading this please contact ComiCONN through our website

Anonymous said...

When the hell is the goverment via DC, Marvel, etc... gonna nail this dimwit and take him to fed court for trademark and copyright infringement?!

Anonymous said...

my name is mike roof went to wondercon and heard rob granitos office will make a press released this week please report it if he does thanks

Anonymous said...

No, your name is NOT Mike Roof. It's Rob Granito Obvious Granito is obvious. Why do you keep doing this? Your as obvious as an albino floating on a chocolate river. NO ONE IS FOOLED BY YOUR FAKE IDs.

Anonymous said...

I also heard Granito will make an anounncement this week from his company I think their is, more to this story so I hope you reported it thanks!

Duy Tano said...

Oh, shut up, Rob.

Peachy said...

If he has an office, I can make jellybeans out of birdshit.

Rich Handley said...

"I also heard Granito will make an anounncement this week from his company I think their is, more to this story so I hope you reported it thanks!"

No, Rob, you didn't, unless you said it to yourself while wiping paint on your face to pretend you were a working artist. Go away, Smock-boy.

Anonymous said...

So, let's get this straight... the entire Internet recognizes that Granito is a no-talent fraud, except for three guys, all of whom live in the same apartment, use the same computer and exhibit the same level of functional illiteracy. Riiiiiiiiiight.

Unknown said...

First, I'd like to go on record as stating, I am not an Attorney, nor a working cartoonist. I am an avid comics fan, and also happen to be friends with several known "legitomite" illustrators, whom this gentleman has appropriated from. I am although Chief of Security for a couple different conventions throughout the midwest. One of the first things that caught my attention upon investigation of this story was that his "manager" (read- "bodyguard") brags about carrying a firearm. Hunh?! Why does an artist need an armed bodyguard? I've been working conventions since 1991 and have NEVER heard of ANYONE needing more than the most basic of security functions at a show. They are staffed with event security and most venues have in-house security as well as con volunteers as an extra set of eyes. This alone makes one curious about why he feels he needs armed security. Rob, I'm aware you lurk this website. Friendly advice... although I don't think you'll be invited to any more conventions, in case some promoter lives in a cave...hire more men. There ase quite a few people whom would like their money back. I understand a lot of artists do what is called "homage" work. Fans get what they pay for. A KNOWN and usually GOOD reproduction of a professional piece. Fair enough...But you go the extra slimy step as to claim to have worked on said projects, and with said professionals.
This my friends is why I DO NOT feel any sympathy for him. This is malicious and willful deception for the means of taking another's money. Don't let his laughable inability to spell dupe you into thinking he is some mental deficient who is blissfully unaware of his actions. Watch some of the YouTube posted interviews. He is not unclever is his namedropping and fabricated list of projects.
More advice Rob. Change your name, change your profession. The internet has made you infamous.
Frank V.
Motor City Conventions,
Detroit FanFare,
and formerly Mid-Ohio-Con

Unknown said...

By the way, Duy...great site. Not trying to be a nit-picker but the comment left by John Shields Esq. was rife with Granito-esque mis-spellings.
Eg. Exsisted
Populiar (which is correct Romanian btw)

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog thanks to looking up as much as I can on Mr Granito/douchebagito. This is easily the BEST of the coverage on him just because of all the comments. I haven't laugh so hard in a long time. This is Pure Gold covered in Diamonds.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob. Dunno if you're still reading this, but you ripped off a lot of people. You have no fans, because the work you've put out was not your own. You took other's work, defaced it, and then sold it as your own. You lied to alot of people Rob. If I ever see you, you're gonna get fucked up.

Anonymous said...

Its funny. I remember when I first got into drawing. I was criticized heavily, me being part of the pokemon generation came up with a lot of digimon/pokemon ish concoctions.

Kids can be cruel, but I learned to develop my own style, and learn a variety of methods and shit...

What I'm saying is I found a mention of this guy from Linkara, I listen to his reviews when I'm drawing.

I quickly looked this guy up (I know I should be working) and found this blog. Ive never laughed so hard as at these posts.

Rob Granito is essentially what I learned not to be, and I learned this when I was nine.

Here we have a grown man stealing other people's work and not crediting them. Cut, print, release. End of Story.

But the lack of shame, and humility leaves me dumbstruck.

But what gets funnier; is I also read about his confrontation with Mark Waid. and even to now he seems to troll blogs... No shame what-so-ever.

Rob, if you still read this.
I don't think you're scum per say. I think you are a twat, in other words you are incapable of doing wrong in your eyes. Even when you're being in uber douche, You seem unable to acknowledge or accept that. I wouldnt call you a no talent. But whatever talent you have is ridiculously unrefined; to the point that you just "tribute" or in our eyes copy other work.

It takes genuine effort to Create. It is difficult to recreate but far far easier than to create.

I think its shameful that you accept payment for your "works" the fact that you feel entitled to said payment disturbs me more.

You're A fraud dude, a poser.

On top of this a has-been poser.

Its time for your midlife crisis. Get your shit together and find another career.

Id say learn to be an actual artist. But it seems clear no one wants your work anymore.

PS attorneys do not troll forums and blogs. They just.... don't. People bring their cases to them, they don't look for cases out of charity or boredom. Not unless it has national news coverage. Id hate to say it but you're more than just a simple fraud in the field of illustrations, you're a fraud in numerous other fields as well.

Cut your losses. Ill be sure to let people know to avoid your booths at local comic-cons here

Hell Id run you out of my town any day.

Anonymous said...

What Legitomite Lawyer Types Capitalizing Every Word In A Sentence?

Just Sayin'...

DH2! said...

Hi, I'm LEGIT-O-MITE!( I love this phrase!) artist Don Hillsman II Better known as DH2!I knew this guy from a Miami con last year...never would do a sketch at the booth. Reeeeeeaaaaallly sketchy. HAH!Now the truth is out. He made about 2-3 GRAND as I remember him telling me. As I looked at his booth,I was dumbstruck when I really checked the art. "People are paying for this crap??"I thought bemused. No accounting for comic fanz taste...but now the truth is out. Classic Dunning-Kruger effect-he should be studied for future generations.In a tube somewhere after the Zombie/Robot Apocalypse happens....DH2!

Jake the Evil Hare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jake the Evil Hare said...

Sorry, had to correct some autocorrect typos...

Hey there, I'm Sam Medina of "Jake the Evil Hare." I hadn't heard of this guy until yesterday, and I'd have to say I am astounded by his the sheer extent of unabashed douchebaggery this man is capable of.

I don't consider myself a great artist, but my work is my own work, and while I may not be as 'famous' as you, Rob, I do believe that you deserve every bit of hell you catch for what you've done.

Aside from the douchery of your swiping, I believe your lack of humility and failure to man up and admit your wrongdoing is what has really fueled the internet firestorm. The comics industry, both mainstream and indy, is a very tough business, and people who have succeeded in it have worked very hard to get where they are. Many of them have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours working to improve their art before we ever even made it to the printed page, before they ever made a dime from their work.

There might have been a second chance for you had you at least admitted to doing the wrong thing. I don't hate you, but I do despise you. Nevertheless, I would like to offer a word or two of advice, which you will likely disregard.

If you ever want to be able to show your face in this business again, or at least end your apparent pattern of wildly absurd self-deception and be the kind of man your family will be able to respect, you need to do a few things, among which are:

1. Stop lying. In the end, your lies will only hurt your family, friendships (if you have any), and any chance you might have had of working in the comic industry on a legitimate basis. These effects are worsened by the fact that you are a very poor liar, and the way you attempt to spin the 'fact,' only infuriates people because it only makes the lies more obvious.

2. Humble yourself and own up to what you've done. A half-baked, insincere apology in which you tell people that you're sorry if they're hurt will always be seen for what it is: BS. People generally have a hard time forgiving someone if they don't actually admit to having done something wrong in the first place.

3. Stop lying to yourself. The roiling storm of vitriol that has come your way is not motivated by jealousy, envy, or people who are 'out to get you.' I've met a few people in the industry, and have interacted with many artists and writers via Twitter, and have found that the industry, both mainstream and indy, seems to be comprised mainly of decent people whose general disposition is to encourage, appreciate, and promote one another.

4. Make one hell of an apology to the family of friends of Dwayne McDuffie. You clearly never worked with him, and by all accounts it is unlikely that you ever spoke with him. To callously use the name of a man who had just passed away shows a heinous disregard for his family and friends and the pain and loss they experienced at his passing. Telling people that they can't prove that you never spoke with him does not constitute an apology, nor would it lessen anyone's anger.

5. Make a real commitment to change. Denial, and even a change of career will not help anything so long as you continue in your pattern of crass deception. It will always come back to haunt you, one way or another, since, as I mentioned earlier, you are a very poor liar and you will always end up being caught. Take some art classes, spend some time actually improving your own art, and spend the next few years trying to find some way to re-establish your reputation. For the latter, it might be too late, but chances are that if you genuinely change, someone somewhere might actually give you the second chance that you simply do not deserve at this present time.