Feb 15, 2011

RIP Joanne Siegel

Heidi McDonald reported yesterday that Joanne Siegel, wife of Superman's writing co-creator, Jerry Siegel, and one of the original models for Superman's artistic co-creator, Joe Shuster, has passed away. By all accounts, Mrs. Siegel's personality was the inspiration for the original Lois Lane, which would have made her a strong and independent woman, well ahead of her time, who valued honesty and integrity above much else. In fact, right up to the time of her death, Mrs. Siegel was involved in the long, legal battle for the rights to Superman - a fight, I feel, that she is and has always been on the right side of, and you should too, because if you were Jerry Siegel, you know where you'd want what should have been your money to go.

Photo from Dean Trippe

Rest in peace, Lois Lane.

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