Feb 17, 2011

Easter Eggs in Comics: Top 10 49ERS!

Welcome to another installment of Easter Eggs in Comics! Click here for the archive!

 In Alan Moore and Gene Ha's TOP 10: THE 49ERS, we see the genesis of the city of Neopolis, a place now inhabited purely by superpowered beings! What could Neopolis have been like before the superheroes came in in 1949? Why, full of references to pre-1949 comics, of course! Let's take a look at just one panel. Click it to see it in full!

The people on the lower right, by the mailbox, are Robin Hood and the Golden Age Sandman!

Looking at the store names, there's Infantino cigars, a clear reference to Carmine Infantino, co-creator of, among other things, the Silver Age Flash and Batgirl!

There's also Pegleg Pete's Seafood, presumably run by Steamboat Willie's/Mickey Mouse's arch-enemy, Pegleg Pete!

The hotel in the background is called Hotel Nodell. Martin Nodell was, along with Bill Finger, the creator of the Golden Age Green Lantern! Note the signs around the Hotel Nodell also being lanterns, the type of which are on Alan Scott's emblem.

And, finally, you've got the two big buildings in the shapes of an S and a P, with a "The" even sticking out of the S! That's right, folks, it's a reference to Will Eisner's THE SPIRIT, which often used what Eisner called architexture — the incorporating of the logo into the background!

All that, by the way, is just in one panel! Go check out the book, folks!


Matthew said...

I got the Top Ten Volumes 1 & 2 based on your last post and I'm loving them. This will certainly be on my consideration pile once I finish those books.

Duy Tano said...

I hope you're having a good time playing the Where's Waldo game with them, Matt. I completely geeked out when I spotted the dog from the Never-Ending Story. Unfortunately, I think the 49ERS is currently out of print, though that shouldn't stop you from finding it from physical bookstores.

Anonymous said...

you're right Duy. 49ers are out of print. not even available at Diamond. Got volume 1 and 2 and SMAX but 49ers is presenting quite a challenge...April Komikon is gonna be quite a scavenger hunt.


Matthew said...

You can get it from Amazon in the states (http://www.amazon.com/Top-Ten-Forty-Niners-Alan-Moore/dp/1401205739/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1298561938&sr=1-2), but it does require some clever clicking.

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