Jan 1, 2011

Christmas Comics Loot!

So, what comics-related loot did I get for Christmas? Well, let's see.

Peachy got me THE ADVENTURES OF UNEMPLOYED MAN, which I said I wanted, so yay! Expect a review relatively soon.

My mom got me the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN OMNIBUS. If you folks are unaware of it, it's a hardcover that collects every single Stan Lee/Steve Ditko Spider-Man story, from AMAZING FANTASY #15 to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #37, along with some annuals, and even a couple of stories drawn by Jack Kirby! Truly, the Marvel triumvirate was incredible!

My friend Maya got me some new copies of some old comics that I read to pieces — in some cases literally — when I was younger, which includes SILVER SURFER #64, which has everything I wanted in a comic when I was 12 — evil twins and Ron Lim art. LOOK HOW SHINY!!

Maya also got me the AVENGERS comics that were missing from my Kurt Busiek/George Perez collection, so score!

Finally, talking about completing collections, guess what else Peachy got me? Guess. Go on. You'll never guess.

HOLY CRAP, NEW TEEN TITANS #1! You have to understand, I don't have the Marv Wolfman/George Perez run — just a bunch of selected issues. And I really, really, really want to get the whole run, so I've been buying it in bits and pieces, but financial constraints would put me in a bind on whether or not I should get issues 1 and 2 when I saw them, as they were the most expensive of the entire 50-issue lot. But now I have issue 1 for nothing, and I can therefore buy issue 2. When I see it.

I got a bunch of other stuff too - including a Captain Marvel mini-action figure from Santa, NBA 2K11 for the PS3 from my brother and his family, and the Before Sunrise/Before Sunset (my favorite movies) screenplays from my friend Katherine, but this is a comics site, and we'll stick to the comics.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Paul C said...

That is a sweet Christmas haul. I'm particularly jealous of the Spidey book. Those Marvel Omnibuses are awesome but I can never afford them. I got the Morrison X-Men Omnibus for Christmas a few years ago so I know how great getting one as a gift feels.

Paul C said...

Also, Teen Titans #1? Best. Gift. Ever!

Duy Tano said...

Yep, a couple of years ago, my family gave me ABSOLUTE CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, and it was AWESOME.

I've been collecting NEW TEEN TITANS for the last year and a half, and I'm more than halfway done. Number 1 was a big roadblock just because of the expense, and number 2 is the only one that's bigger. I haven't read ANY of the issues, except for the ones that I read when I was younger (like the one where they fight the ReCOMbatants, aka the DNAgents), because I want to read them all in one gigantic go.

Paul C said...

I've set myself the task of finding and buying every issue of DC Comics Presents and the one that's rarest and most expensive seems to #26 with the New Teen Titans preview in. New Teen Titans #1 and #2 must cost a bomb.

Duy Tano said...

Yeah, I think #2 is like 18 bucks.

You get any cool comics-related things for Christmas, Paul?

Paul C said...

I got all eight volumes of Essential Fantastic Four from various friends and loved ones so I've got almost twenty years of FF to read. I'm still on volume one so far but I'm loving the Lee/Kirby craziness. Thing keeps turning back into a human every single issue for no apparent reason. I think Stan must have got off on tormenting him.

I also bought the Superman: Kryptonite Nevermore hardback as a present for myself (well that's how I justified it.) Worth the price though, I loved it.

Duy Tano said...

Not that I've read much of the FF stuff, but I think Kirby and Lee simply PEAK at Galactus, and then Kirby just keeps getting better while I think Stan gets kind of tapped out (not that I blame him).

KRYPTONITE NEVERMORE is all Adams, right? Does it have the one where Superman fights the sand version of himself?

Paul C said...

Kryptonite Nevermore has some brilliant Adams covers but it's all sweet, sweet Curt Swan art with Denny O' Neil writing.

Yeah, it's got that sand creature, The Quarrmer, gradually draining away a third of Superman's powers. It's really great stuff. I love all that 70s Bronze Age stuff where he's working as a newsreader and has sideburns.

Jon Gorga said...


Who are all these comics-aware people in your life!? I've always felt lucky to have the two or three people who know what makes a great comics gift. (My folks try very hard. They basically read The New York Times and buy me what George Gene Gustines says is the best of the year for Christmas.)

You are lucky indeed, sir.


Duy Tano said...

Oh Jon, they're not all comics-aware; they just know I like comics and some of them read the site and get ideas from there. Peachy, however, was the one who first heard of UNEMPLOYED MAN and decided to give it to me, which I think is awesome.

As for my mom, she pretty much said "What do you want for Christmas?" And I said "If money's not an issue, I'd really like the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN OMNIBUS. If money is an issue, I can think of something else." I guess money wasn't an issue.

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