Nov 14, 2010

Links of Note

  • If you read and enjoyed BATHALA: APOKALYPSIS #1, you'll be glad to know the second issue is out. I've actually got some exciting news waiting to be told about this series, and I'm just waiting for the right timing. In the meantime, you can read the second issue online here. Read it. The story's very engrossing.

  • If you like serious technical discussion about comics layouts, Frank Santoro over at Comics Comics has a thus-far-three-part discussion about the effect of the grid. Basically, he contends that the six-panel grid isn't as powerful as odd-numbered grids due to the fact that there's no center. That's in part 1. In part 2, he looks at WATCHMEN's 9-panel grid and Steve Ditko's 6-panel grids in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. And in part 3, he looks at the Hernandez Brothers' grids in LOVE AND ROCKETS. Very interesting stuff.

  • Paul Cornish has a really fun blog here, but if you're a fan of the Amalgam Age of Comics, you may enjoy his other blog.

  • This has been getting a lot of attention on the Internet, but Kerry Callen had this thigh-slapping post where he details how Marvel superheroes would have been like if DC Comics were publishing them. See, in the 60s, Marvel was very dynamic, but DC was very silly, and some of DC's covers involved the Flash getting too fat or Superman having to eat a lot of hamburgers. So if they did this to Marvel? Well... Click the image to go to the post.

  • Have you been to Covered, where they take old covers and have an artist redo them?

  • What about Repaneled, where it does the same thing, but with old panels?
  • Finally, remember, I start the countdown of the ten most influential comics writers TOMORROW (or I guess tonight for you guys stateside). Be here!

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