Nov 30, 2010

Comics Techniques and Tricks: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Welcome to another edition of Comics Techniques and Tricks, in which we showcase techniques that only comics can do! Click here for the archive!

In THE MANY WORLDS OF TESLA STRONG, Alan Moore and a host of artists take Tom Strong's daughter Tesla on a tour around the ABC Multiverse.

On one such planet, she meets a superpowered counterpart named Tesla Terrific. The artist for this particular sequence is Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Here's a page.

Take a look at just how dynamic that page is.  And now look at how cool the technique actually is. Tesla Terrific is looking off the screen in panel one. In both panels 1 and 4, Tesla Strong is looking right at the same image of Tesla Terrific. Note how you can view panel 1 on its own, and panels 1 and 4 as an actual full-page drawing. The panel borders from panels 2-4 serve to control the rhythm of the page.

The trick is repeated with that big drawing of Tesla Strong from panel 4. Look at how Tesla Terrific waves goodbye to her from just outside panel 6 while Tesla Strong is flying off in panel 6, but if you look at the page as a whole, it kind of looks like Tesla is also waving goodbye to the Tesla Strong in panel 4.

That's dynamic!

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