Oct 28, 2010


One of my favorite comic strips right now is PICKLES by Brian Crane, which deals with an older couple named Opal and Earl, who are always bickering, but in that manner that you can tell they're really in love. You may enjoy it. It's very charming.

In addition to being funny and amusing and charming, Crane knows how to make a strip visually appealing. Iconic characters, lovable expressions (even if one of them has a full mustache and eyes you never see), and color palettes that just please the eye.

In particular, this past Sunday's strip is gorgeous. I was reminded of some of Frank King's GASOLINE ALLEY Fall strips.


For those interested, you can buy some classic PICKLES books here and here and here.


Martin said...

that's in my comic rss feed. have you given cow and boy a go? it's like bloom county meets calvin and hobbes.

Duy Tano said...

I wasn't really a fan from what little I read. I thought it lacked just enough charm to get me to keep tabs on it.

Peachy said...

You should've included the strip where a leaf with autumn's colors pops out from the rest of the tree. I thought that was hilarious, especially because of the subtle delivery. :)

Duy Tano said...

Good idea! I'll do that now.

Edwin said...

Pickles is indeed a great comic strip, yet I felt it's not very popular. The reason being that Pickles books do not have every comic within a time period. I thought it might be like Garfield, Zits or Baby Blues where every comic is printed in books, so when I got a Pickles book, I was disappointed to find out that it is not an anthology like the others. For example, there was supposed to be a week's story where Muffin (the cat) sensed an impending earthquake, but only two strips within that storyline was printed. This led me to believe that Pickles isn't popular enough to have a collection like that, so when it comes to reprints, Brian Crane might not be able to invest in several books of Pickles anthologies.

Maybe someday such a thing will be a reality...

Thanks for reading.

Duy Tano said...

It's true, all I've noticed of Pickles books are collections of a particular time period. What I think is funny is that I see newspaper polls and Pickles and Pearls Before Swine are usually never popular in the same papers. Those two are my favorite dailies.

Edwin said...

The funny thing is that on GoComics, Pickles is one of the few comics that broke 100k subscribers (which surprised me), so I guess it is reasonably popular. Also, Pearls Before Swine is another comic that broke 100k subscribers (others that I noticed were Garfield, B.C. and C&H). Perhaps this might not necessarily convince Crane to put out a more complete comic collection, but I hope it helps in supporting this decision.

Out of curiosity, what were some of the more popular newspaper comics poll picks?

Thanks for reading.

Duy Tano said...

Off the top of my head, just the regular ones (Get Fuzzy, Zits, etc.). I find that the demographic for Pickles (older people) isn't the same as Pearls (younger people), so they aren't popular among the same papers.

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