Oct 10, 2010

Easter Eggs in Comics: Man-Thing in Swamp Thing

Welcome to another installment of Easter Eggs in Comics! Click here for the archive!

In Swamp Thing #47, by Alan Moore, Stan Woch, and Ron Randall, Swamp Thing learns that he is only the latest in a series of plant elementals, with the power to control the world's flora.

While learning this, he gets images of the previous plant elementals.

See that one on the lower right?

That's Man-Thing, Marvel's counterpart to Swamp Thing!

Interestingly, Man-Thing and Swamp Thing debuted within three months of each other. As it takes a comic approximately six months to be produced, there's no way that one was a ripoff of the other - it was just purely coincidental!

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Anonymous said...

More than just Man-Thing. The one above Man-Thing is the Heap.

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