Sep 22, 2010

Tom Lyle Spider-Clone/Scarlet Spider Designs

So my article about what went wrong in the Spider-Man Clone Saga has gotten a good number of hits, one of them from someone searching for Tom Lyle's designs for the Spider-clone. I did a quick search and found that it was nowhere on the Web, but luckily for whoever it was searching for it (I guess not so lucky if he doesn't find this site again), I have the Spider-Man Collectors' Preview (yes, yes I do), and it has not only Tom Lyle's Spider-clone designs, but also Mark Bagley's!

So enjoy, folks!

Yep, in the end, they went with Tom Lyle's idea, tweaked, for the Scarlet Spider, but when Ben Reilly was "promoted" to Spider-Man, they went to Mark Bagley. You can see it from his designs up there too. Bags was a fan of the "spider covers entire body" idea.

Some of their designs would have never been accepted, or have had a prayer for being accepted, specifically the ones where he shows his hair and his eyes. I think Ben Reilly was always going to look like Spider-Man, regardless of how much they were trying to distinguish him.

So to whoever searched for it, I hope you find this again, sir.


JD Clair said...

Thank you for posting this. I love the scarlet spider and this is cool to see how the costume design came about.

Duy Tano said...

My pleasure!

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