Sep 17, 2010

RIP Jerry Grandenetti

Marc Burkhardt has reported from Marc Evanier that Jerry Grandenetti, whom I just discovered earlier this year and featured (kinda) on this site, passed away earlier this year, on February 19, 2010. He was 83 years old, but he seems to have thought he was 82. It's only broken out in the last few days, which just goes to show the low profile Mr. Grandenetti has kept throughout his career.

Grandenetti was one of Will Eisner's assistants, which is evident when you look at his The Secret Files of Dr. Drew for Ghost Comics:

But he's probably best known for the wash-tone covers he did for DC's war books, the full list of which you can see here at ComicArtVille.

According to the Professor, these wash-tone covers make a certain set of collectors hyperventilate. And high-grade DC war books are really hard to find.

Rest in peace, Mr. Grandenetti. I'm glad to have finally discovered you.


The Professor said...

The work that Jerry Grandenetti did made many people's lives a little bit better. Every time I see his cover to OFF #71, it makes me a bit happier.

Duy Tano said...

Talk about a guy who really ended up finding his own voice. Sometimes I really wonder why some people get big and some don't. Here's the aforementioned cover.

gil baker said...

His Champion Sports and Green Team tryouts are a warm memory from childhood. I wish there could have been room for them among the capes. Not to mention his House of Mystery work...

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