Aug 21, 2010

Easter Eggs in Comics: John Byrne's Fantastic Four

Welcome to another installment of Easter Eggs in Comics! Click here for the archive!

Just to show you folks that I don't hate him, today's Easter Eggs come from John Byrne!

In Fantastic Four #276, Reed and Sue Richards, posing as Reed and Sue Benjamin, throw a housewarming party, with more than a few familiar guests.

Picture from ByrneRobotics

So all of these folks are from various comic strips! Let's check 'em out.

The most recognizable one is arguably Blondie from, well, Blondie, by Chic Young:

While the least recognizable one is her husband, Dagwood. This is a particularly tough task for Byrne, since there isn't really a way to do Dagwood "realistically" without losing what makes him Dagwood, but he comes close.

Also from Blondie is their neighbor, Herb Woodley:

Also present are Bill Hoest's Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn, from The Lockhorns. Loretta's nose and Leroy's balding head are the dead giveaways.

At the door are Hyram and Lois Fieldstone, obvious tributes to Hiram and Lois Flagston of Mort Walker's Hi and Lois.

On the couch are Joe and Ann Palooka, from Joe Palooka:

I couldn't find a picture of Ann.

And they're talking to Chester Gould's Dick Tracy:

Then there's a character from Frank King's Gasoline Alley. I would have assumed that this was Uncle Walt (middle), but on his site, Byrne says it's Skeezix (right). I suppose you could infer that they'd look similar when they get to be that age.

The ones that jumped out to me are the last two. Here's Jiggs, the main character from George McManus' Bringing Up Father:

And from Hank Ketcham's Dennis the Menace, here's Denace's dad, Henry Mitchell:

Fun stuff!


Sasquatch said...

I presume that Dondi is home with a babysitter.

Duy Tano said...

Dondi (and Dennis Mitchell) could be playing with Franklin Richards off panel!

Peachy said...

Oooh, I love his take on Henry Mitchell. I recognized Blondie in a heartbeat, although I must admit: she was the only one I could name. Ah, well.

Wonder how the cast of Pugad Baboy would look like if they were drawn as Easter eggs in another comic. ;)

Duy Tano said...

To be honest, I could only name Blondie and Jiggs. Henry Mitchell registered as "Dennis the Menace's dad," and I really didn't recognize Dagwood or Dick Tracy.

Has Hi and Lois ever been syndicated in the Philippines? I don't recall ever having seen it.

Peachy said...

Neither do I. They're unfamiliar to me.

RaceForTaste said...

I thought Henry Mitchell was the easiest to recognize. I recognized him as soon as I saw him, even before I read the rest of your blog. Blondie initially just looked like, well, a blonde woman, but when I saw that they were all other characters, Blondie and Dagwood made sense.

Duy Tano said...

Ah yes, but did you remember his name was Henry?

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