Jul 16, 2010

The Wildest Super-Hero Ever -- Because He's Real!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Hold on.  A few months ago, during a sale, I got Peachy some issues of the Human Fly, just because I think he looked funny:

 I mean, look at that. He calls himself the Human Fly and his emblem on his belt buckle looks like a rocket. And he's got a really tiny cape, and he's got a little whirly-baton for a weapon. I'm sorry, but nothing this guy is wearing says "Human Fly" to me. So with all due respect to Al Milgrom, this costume design was a complete miss.

Not only that, but we have no idea who the Human Fly really is - his name is never given and he continually says he's a stuntman, not a superhero. Yeah, he's just a stuntman who runs into a lot of superhero-like situations and performs superheroic deeds. Why, in the one I got Peachy, the Fly teams up with the White Tiger to fight Copperhead in a battle of the most unrecognizable costumes as it relates to these characters' names, ever. Or maybe I should say the most unimaginative costumes ever. Who knows. In it, Copperhead tries to steal a big urn from a museum by... flooding the museum... and... having the urn... float... in the sewers.

YES! YES, IT'S FUNNY! And I would pay for a serious revival of this stuff, because I think it would be funny as hell!

And one of the things I really got a crack out of is the Human Fly's tagline - "The Wildest Super-Hero Ever -- Because He's Real!" See, somehow, the Human Fly got into a big car crash and went through a lot of reconstructive surgery - including getting his skeleton replaced by steel... steel, mind you, not titanium or adamantium, STEEL, which rusts... willed himself to walk again, and then now performs stunt driving for kids, including those with polio.

Okay, how is this real? It seemed to me like just another Merry Marvel Marketing ploy - you know, how they called Fantastic Four for years "The World's Greatest Comic Book," even when it wasn't, or how they called Spider-Man "The Non-Mutant Superhero," as if that would increase his sales? Pishposh, ludicrous, the Human Fly, wild? Real? I sneer at you, good sirs!

And then yesterday, I looked him up, and apparently, the Fly was based on stuntman Rick Rojatt. Now guess what Rick wore while performing his stunts?

That's right. I don't know if he started wearing it before the comic came out or if his suit was really the inspiration for the comic, and I'm too flabbergasted to care. Someone actually publicized the Human Fly comic book with a stuntman, or publicized a stuntman with a Human Fly comic book.

And all this time I doubted it as "just another Merry Marvel Marketing ploy?" This was so much more than "just another Merry Marvel Marketing ploy."

I will never doubt again.

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Duy Tano said...

As long as he keeps that ridiculous baton.

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