Jul 10, 2010

Shadowland: Haven't I Seen This Before?

So I haven't read Shadowland, Marvel's latest event in a series of big events, but I was intrigued enough to read the synopsis from various message boards after seeing this teaser poster:

From the spoilers, I surmise that after Bullseye manages to kill a lot of people in Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil starts to lose it, hires the Hand, and then goes and kills Bullseye (in a pose reminiscent of when Bullseye killed Elektra), with the Marvel heroes opposing our blind superheroing attorney, Matt Murdock. Judging from the poster, it looks like Daredevil will become a villain.

Wait, let's just remove all the names from there and put them in general terms: Big-time supervillain causes the deaths of many people in superhero's designated area, superhero loses it and tries to make everything right, superhero kills supervillain (not necessarily the same one as before) despite the protests of many of his fellow superheroes. Said superhero then becomes a villain.

Yeah, I think I've seen this story before, except that "Matt Murdock Daredevil" was called "Hal Jordan Green Lantern." Hal, of course, became Parallax, got replaced by Kyle Rayner, and then ten years later, he came back as a good guy and everyone loves him and he's now a consistent top 10 seller.

What I don't really get is why they'd do this with Daredevil, considering that the sales charts continually put him in the top 50. The things beating him are generally Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Avengers, and X-books. Given that Green Lantern, Flash, and Avengers books are almost always in the vortex of a big event, it's not like his sales are languishing.

Interestingly, Mark Waid posted on his Twitter that he was done reading superhero comics, saying later on that he was sick of reading the same story over and over again, but he didn't name the particular comic. I'm willing to bet it was Shadowland that did it, even if it was probably not the worst book on the stands.

If Daredevil does become a villain, I'm not a fan of the concept - every character is someone's favorite. What're we going to tell the kids who are just starting to call him their favorite hero?


fanboy420 said...

my friend and i were just talking about this a few days ago. i thought it was a spectacular idea until i saw the picture above and laughed myself silly.

we'll have to wait and see how they execute it, though. a good story is a good story after all. and, these days, that's all i'm after as an exasperated fan of comic books in general.

Duy Tano said...

Hero-turns-villains is not one of my favorite plots, and I'll tell you why.

My niece has fallen in love with the Marvel Family, most specifically Mary Marvel. It provides her a gateway for superheroes.

So when I look for more Mary Marvel stories for her, I have to avoid the utter and ridiculous stupidity of "Evil Mary Marvel," 'cause, seriously, what the hell?

Daredevil is, of course, much more popular, and there's no telling how many kids actually like him (I'm willing to say a lot based on his sales. He's one of the bestselling superheroes out there who's not connected to a big event), so I can't imagine how disappointed they will be if he does turn bad.

I think the Big Two really need to start concentrating on telling good small stories again instead of exasperating us with all these events where everything changes that you know are gonna change back anyway.

Dick Grayson as Batman is a fine concept, especially since they're not treating it as an event; it's just Dick learning to be Batman. Bruce Wayne returning could be a fine concept. Adding two hundred and eighty-nine tie-ins to this only dilutes the overall product.

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