Jul 21, 2010

Comics Techniques and Tricks: Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III

Welcome to another edition of Comics Techniques and Tricks, in which we showcase techniques that only comics can do! Click here for the archive!

Today's comic trick comes from Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III, who from 1999 to 2006 did Promethea, a 32-issue, mythology-laden comic book about a superheroine who traveled the Immateria - the realms of the imagination - using the Kaballah as a guide.

One of the criticisms of Promethea is that it's too preachy (it is), and as a result, it drags (it does, plotwise).

But damned if the art isn't awesome! Check out this one, where Promethea and Barbara Shelley (the previous generation's Promethea) are in the Immateria, and they get to what is termed a "solar sphere." Sure, the exposition in any other comic may drag, and for some, this does, but I think JH Williams III does a great job of making the story as compelling as possible despite the lack of plot. He accomplishes this by using Comics Techniques and Tricks! Check this one out:

How did you read it? Clockwise or counterclockwise? Well, if you read it one way, try it the other way!

You can read it both ways!! How cool is that?

It's things like this that have made JH Williams III my favorite artist working in comics today!

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