Jul 25, 2010

Batwoman and Asterios Polyp Dominate the Eisner Awards, and Congratulations to the Eisners!

Congratulations to all the Eisner Award winners! I haven't read all of the work, nor am I even familiar with a lot of them, but I'm sure everyone was deserving.

First off, I want to congratulate the Eisners as well for getting A Contract With God optioned for a major motion picture deal. Most blog readers know I'm not a movie buff and am even moreso not a comic book movie buff, but I can't help but feel happy for the Eisner family and for the spirit (no pun intended) of the late, great Will Eisner - if it gets them a level of financial comfort and stability, I raise my glass and toast to them. Congratulations, folks.

The Eisner Awards were dominated by two works: JH Williams' run on Detective Comics featuring Batwoman and David Mazzucchelli's OGN, Asterios Polyp. I have every issue of one and have the other on reserve, to be bought this coming week.

The best coloring award was taken by Dave Stewart, who definitely deserves it. Of all the nominees, he handled the largest number of comics, including Detective Comics. This was the one award David Mazzucchelli was nominated for in which he lost.

The best penciller/inker or best penciller/inker team went to J.H. Williams III, again for Batwoman. Not very surprising - Jim's able to mix multiple styles all on one page and mix them with an impeccable sense of design.

The best cover artist also went to J.H. Williams III, for his innovative work on the covers for Detective Comics.

Trust me, folks. Batwoman is a visual treat. The story's solid as well, and it makes Kate Kane one of the most fully formed characters in comics. I'd highly recommend the Batwoman: Elegy deluxe hardcover. Well worth the price.

And I'm excited about JH helming her new ongoing series, to come out in a few months.

Meanwhile, the best writer/artist, best lettering, and best new graphic album awards all went to David Mazzucchelli. Only Dave Stewart's victory prevented a straight sweep.

I have this book on reserve, to be picked up at Fully Booked later this week. I couldn't wait to read it before, and can wait even less now. I'll be sure to have a review when I'm done.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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