Jun 18, 2010

Comics Techniques and Tricks: Art Spiegelman

Welcome to another edition of Comics Techniques and Tricks, in which we showcase techniques that only comics can do! Click here for the archive!

Today's Comic Trick comes from the legendary Art Spiegelman, creator of, among other things, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus.

In "A Day at the Circuits," published in Arcade Comics Revue #3 sometime in the mid-70s, Art Spiegelman uses arrows to direct your attention to the next panels. Sometimes, there exists more than one arrow, and it's up to you to choose your own adventure, so to speak.

Having seen Art Spiegelman talk twice and use this example each time, I can say it's even better when he's reading it aloud.

And look, it ends in the middle of the page. Pretty cool, huh?

In addition, have you checked out Cross Panel Comics lately?

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