Jun 29, 2010

And Phil Jimenez knocks it OUT of the freaking park!

Wonder Woman #600 comes out this week. It has a fancy schmancy cover by George Perez (which doesn't involve cramming 259 characters in one piece), and to celebrate, DC Universe: The Source is promoting it all week. One of their features is an essay by Lynda Carter, TV's Wonder Woman, on what the character means to her.

And another? Well, as it turns out, the reason they didn't get George to do his trademark "Let's get everyone in one shot" montage picture is because they got someone else to do it. Phil Jimenez, long known as George's hijo, and who I think is an edgier (if not cleaner) version of George when it comes to art, does the obligatory poster piece. And knocks it out of the park.


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