May 25, 2021

Spider-Rama: Marvel Team-Up #34

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by Gerry Conway, Sal Buscema, and Vince Colletta

Spider-Man and Valkyrie vs. The Meteor Man!

BEN: Villain appearance count:
  • Doctor Octopus: 17
  • Green Goblin: 13
  • The Kingpin: 12
  • The Vulture: 9
  • Kraven the Hunter: 8
  • The Lizard: 7
  • Mysterio: 6
  • Professor Smythe/Spider Slayer: 6
  • Hammerhead: 5
  • Sandman: 4
  • Molten Man: 4
  • The Jackal: 4
  • Electro: 3
  • The Enforcers: 3
  • The Rhino: 3
  • Man Mountain Marko: 3
  • Silvermane: 3
  • The Chameleon: 3
  • The Schemer/Richard Fisk: 3
  • Scorpion: 3
  • Ringmaster: 2
  • Shocker: 2
  • The Beetle: 2
  • Morbius: 2
  • The Gibbon: 2
  • The Man-Wolf: 2
  • Jonas Harrow: 2
  • The Kangaroo: 2
  • Tarantula: 2
  • Green Goblin (Harry): 2
  • The Grizzly: 2
  • Mysterio 2: 2
  • Cyclone: 2
DUY: This is one of my first comics ever.

BEN: You have such random first comics.

DUY: So in the Philippines in the 80s, there was maybe a couple of comic stores, Filbar's and Comic Quest. But other than that, comics would just be sold in random book sale stores. (One chain itself was called Book Sale.) There would be no rhyme or reason as to which comics were available, but a lot of them would be the same comics. And this was one of them, for some reason. This is where I learned about Gwen Stacy. This issue was my actual introduction to Gwen Stacy, and it's her clone, because Gwen is dead. I must have been 7 years old when I read it, so you can always jump in in the middle of a story, everyone.

BEN: Shhh, it's the real Gwen.

DUY: And it wasn't actually this issue, but the 1980 reprint in Marvel Tales 122, where the cover was very creatively changed by being flipped horizontally.

BEN: This is, believe it or not, the Scorpion's first appearance in this title since #29, when Ditko was drawing (and co-plotting) the book. Romita never pencilled him in his very long run. That makes this only his third appearance in Amazing Spider-Man (fourth if you count his appearance as Mac Gargan in #20)... which means that he actually at this point has more appearances in Captain America (122, 150, 151, 152).  150 is actually just a one-panel appearance, so you could say it's the same number of appearances.

DUY: He's also shown up in Daredevil a couple of times, because I guess Gene Colan enjoys drawing him.


BEN: Valkyrie sticking it to the man.

DUY: Valkyrie, because strong female protagonists are where it's at.


BEN: Okay, maybe Ditko’s greatest villain is sexist. We can still fix this.

DUY: She’s not a doctor!

BEN: Unwanted probing is never good.

DUY: Honestly, Brunnhilde. It's now 2021 and she's dead in the comics and, also, probably, the movies, as seen in Thor: Ragnarok. Valkyrie in the comics is now Jane Foster. Valkyrie in the movies is Tessa Thompson.


BEN: "Ensure."

DUY: Maybe he wants to take a policy out of his future endeavors?

BEN: A world-famous figurine was in an antique store?

DUY: This is a ridiculous cliffhanger. This is the second issue we're building up to this villain named Jeremiah (yet another mind-controlling villain) and y'know, he's just there.


BEN: Mine:

DUY: Mine:


BEN: Valkyrie, smash the patriarchy.

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