Apr 25, 2021

The Comics Cube Channel Recap: April 18, 2021

 Mark Russell has only been working in comics for 6 years, but he's already established a unique voice with his subversive takes on the Flintstone and Snagglepuss, as well as his work on Ahoy Comics, such as Second Coming! Hear him talk about his influences, his journey of faith, how much he loves Superman, and his plans for Fantastic Four: Life Story.

Tony Schiavone is a longtime pro wrestling commentator, having worked in WWE and WCW and now in AEW, who has a comic coming out about his life in comics! Butts in Seats: The Tony Schiavone Story, is written by Dirk Manning and can be backed at http://www.buttsinseatscomic.com​. In this interview, Duy Tano asks them how they worked together, how stories from life can be adapted to comics, what Tony's most memorable call ever was, and also, Duy marks out, just a liiitttle bit.

Mick Gray has inked some of the greats of the comics business, and talks to Duy Tano about working with Jack Kirby on Phantom Force (7:07​), Ron Lim and Mark McKenna on Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies (18:11​), JH Williams III on Promethea (30:25​), Ryan Sook on Seven Soldiers: Zatanna and more (53:54​), Barry Kitson on The Liberty Brigade and more (56:26​), Lee Bermejo on Joker (1:00:40​), and Patrick Gleason on Batman and Robin and Superman (1:09:30​). He also talks about how he'd ink Gene Colan (1:15:45​), what he's up to now - hosting KMIC Radio and doing a comic about The Who's Pete Townshend (1:17:17​), and interviewing musical guests on The Deep Cut Podcast (1:22:45​)!

Paul, Duy, and Ben talk about the greatest team from 1000 years into the future: The Legion of Super-Heroes! Then we picked our favorite members. Long live the Legion!

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