Apr 25, 2021

Spider-Rama: Marvel Team-Up #33

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by Gerry Conway, Sal Buscema, and Vince Colletta

Spider-Man and Nighthawk vs. The Looter!

BEN: Holy shit it’s the Looter. Or Meteor Man, whatever.


BEN: Not only is his costume great, he has a balloon in his backpack. He’s Ditko’s greatest villain creation.

DUY: To be fair, TO BE FAIR, that silent sequence with the balloon reminds me of "Silent Interlude," the legendary silent issue of GI Joe.

BEN: Nighthawk is a Batman analog, so this is basically a team-up with Batman.

DUY: This is in fact very Batman.

BEN: I’m pretty sure if I ever got powers I’d immediately become a supervillain, just like Ditko’s greatest villain.


BEN: Buscema has done better work than this, so I’m blaming Colletta, who is a controversial inker as it is.

DUY: For those unaware, Vince Colletta was one of the go-to inkers of the legendary Jack Kirby, and was known for taking shortcuts.

BEN: Colletta imposing his own style on Buscema’s Spider-Man is... odd.


BEN: I think if you’re capable of thinking about how groggy you are, you can also move your fingers to save yourself.

DUY: Spider-Man jumped Nighthawk because his spider-sense was triggered. Why was his spider-sense triggered?

BEN: Nighthawk is lame?


BEN: I love that balloon:

DUY: That's mine too, you know I'm a sucker for those layouts.


BEN: Ditko’s greatest creation, the Looter, or Meteor Man, whatever.

DUY: Here's Ditko's greatest creation punching out Batman.

BEN: The Looter is like combining Snake Eyes with Ditko and he’s punching Batman.

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