Apr 10, 2021

Spider-Rama: Giant-Size Spider-Man #4

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by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito

Spider-Man teams up with the Punisher!

BEN: The third appearance of the Punisher. Fourth, if you count that last page cameo.

DUY: Let's just decree now that when we say appearance we mean a full appearance. It's the last time Punisher's creators work on him, too.

BEN: First appearance of Moses Magnum, who would go on to become, at the least, a reliable journeyman villain across the Marvel Universe.

DUY: The first appearance of the Punisher's van and the fact that he keeps a "War Journal", which is a narrative excuse to get him to talk to himself.


BEN: I loved the thick spine on these old oversized comics.

DUY: Punisher's battle van is simultaneously fun, in character, and a precursor to a bunch of 80s merchandise.

BEN: Spider-Man’s hatred of windows is contagious.


DUY: This is almost definitely not a "kidnapping."

BEN: I’m pretty sure this is the first time we see the Punisher actually kill someone. Spider-Man would usually give Frank a lot more shit about killing someone, even while saving him, but he doesn’t mention it at all.

DUY: Matt Dillon is a 90s actor who was in There's Something About Mary and Wild Things.

BEN: That’s a reference to Marshall Matt Dillon, from the TV show Gunsmoke.


BEN: For goodness' sakes Frank, get some sleep before a big raid against a criminal empire.

DUY: Where'd Peter get the comb?

BEN: You know how vain Peter is.


DUY: Ross Andru and motion. Pretty good:


DUY: The Punisher.

BEN: The Punisher is getting closer and closer to becoming the Punisher everyone knows.

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