Jan 27, 2021

Spider-Rama: Marvel Team-Up #30

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by Gerry Conway, Jim Mooney, and Vince Colletta

Spider-Man teams up with the Falcon to fight Midas.

BEN: The first and only appearance of Midas. Per our policy, we skipped the previous Marvel Team-Up because it didn’t have Spider-Man. It featured Iron Man and the Torch against Infinitus, in his only appearance.


BEN: Good ole fashioned fan demand. And anytime you have a character that became a major part of the movie universe, like the Falcon, it’s going to age well.

DUY: Glory just got introduced and is already here, so this was definitely an attempt to make Marvel Team-Up "matter", because up to this point it definitely does not feel like it has. Sadly, tying in an urban racial story to drugs is still relevant today.


BEN: The Falcon was great, but that costume is not. Picture that on a real person, there’s no way.

DUY: You may not be able to take that costume seriously, but no ladies would complain if Anthony Mackie wore it.
BEN: Yes they would! 

DUY: We’ve never seen this before or since.

BEN: Death traps, just shoot them while they’re captive. Also, how long did it take to bolt them down like that? These are practical questions people.


BEN: I’m just always going to point out anytime Spider-Man gets taken by surprise.

DUY: I know it's drugs, but this is basically yet another mind control story.


DUY: Falcon.

BEN: Sam Wilson.

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ten-cent media said...

Beautiful art by Mooney and Colletta.

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