Jan 19, 2021

Spider-Rama: Giant-Size Spider-Man #3

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by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito

Spider-Man teams with pulp hero Doc Savage to fight the Menace from Beyond Time.

BEN: Doc Savage, known as the Man of Bronze, was a pulp hero that Stan Lee, among others, has called the precursor to modern superheroes. He is not a Marvel original and needs to be licensed.

DUY: Peter Parker, conveniently, has taken a course in comparative languages.


BEN: Nothing about this comic ages well.

DUY: I dunno, here's a precursor to Google Translate.


BEN: Where to begin, the nonsensical place that exists in time but not space?

DUY: This is trying too hard to be something different from the DC multiverse that it makes no sense.

BEN: Good thing she has those triangles or else she might look indecent.

DUY: If Dessina were colored the same color as skin, there's no way it passes the Code..

BEN: Doc Savage is a concept that just might not be relevant anymore. Like the Shadow, or Tarzan. He’s basically the Molten Man with clothes on.


BEN: I thought they existed outside of time?

DUY: This is a team-up where they don't even team up. It's basicaly a Doc Savage adventure with Spidey doing something at the end. What was the point of this?


BEN: Mine:


DUY: Sexists everywhere.

BEN: I want my figurative 50 cents back.

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