Jan 19, 2021

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #141

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by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, Frank Giacoia, and Dave Hunt

Mysterio returns, and also kinda doesn't! 

BEN: The first appearance of the second Mysterio, and the Spider-Mobile falls into the Hudson River.

DUY: Is this the first time the word “sex” has been used in a Spider-Man comic?

BEN: Jameson is up to something.

DUY: Quentin Beck is supposedly dead. This is not the last time Quentin Beck is supposedly dead.


BEN: I think the transition from Gwen to Mary Jane has been handled well.

DUY: Same. That hand holding sequence is very well done. Well executed. It's the kind of sequence that works best in comics too, where the captions and the art come together to form the full picture. You could do it in film, but the narration would be weird to hear.

BEN: Speaking of effective storytelling:

DUY: That's not the last time they'd do that sequence:

BEN: Spider-Man stealing a guy's McDonald's was funny.


BEN: That Goblin isn’t very good.

DUY: Crazy was a comedy comic that Marvel published, similar to MAD.


DUY: Why doesn't this happen more often? He's definitely gotten drenched before.

BEN: Everyone has performance issues sometimes.

DUY: Spider-Man 2 sucks.


BEN: This is good:

BEN: But this is better:

DUY: Just because it's the last time...


BEN: Conway and Andru for producing a very good comic from start to finish.

DUY: What an excellent comic. Everyone wins.

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