Dec 4, 2020

Spider-Rama: Giant-Size Spider-Man #2

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by Len Wein, Ross Andru, and Al Milgrom

Spider-Man has to come to terms with the existence of Fu Manchu as he runs into Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu!

BEN: The first time Al Milgrom worked on a Spider-Man comic, it seems.

DUY: Shang-Chi is a character meant to capitalize on Bruce Lee, and is the son of Fu Manchu, who at the time Marvel had the rights to.

BEN: Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist in the 70s.

DUY: He may or may not be known best for his role as Kato in The Green Hornet.

BEN: What's The Green Hornet?

DUY: He may or may not be known best for his role as Kato in The Green Hornet.

BEN: What's The Green Hornet? Don't you mean Arrow?

DUY: During a Green Hornet/Batman crossover, Green Hornet vs. Batman as well as Kato vs. Robin ended in a draw. Legend has it that Batman was supposed to go over Hornet while Kato was supposed to go over Robin, but Burt Ward didn't want to lose to Bruce Lee.

BEN: Bruce Lee was in that Seth Rogen movie?


BEN: Superheroes fighting each other over a misunderstanding is a Marvel staple, and they did a better job of manipulating it in this story than usual.

DUY: Shang-Chi will have his own movie in the MCU soon, so I guess he aged well.

BEN: Spider-Man does have a weakness to bricks, as we’ll see much much later.

DUY: Using captions to narrate the first person is a very modern technique, and would now be used without the corresponding quotation marks.

BEN: Shang-Chi got the honor of narration.


BEN: These:

DUY: Another mind control device, and minions being killed after they’re defeated. Two prevalent tropes in comics at the time.

BEN: The frequent use of racial slurs. I know the bad guys are saying them, but I don’t know that slurs against other racial groups would be used as freely as these are.

DUY: This is not necessarily impossible, but sumo is a Japanese tradition and Japanese and Chinese are not interchangeable.

BEN: This is unlikely:


BEN: "Too long."


BEN: Mine:

DUY: The stiffness of Spider-Man in this panel is fascinating. Did he not bend his knees or his waist at all as Shang-Chi flips him?


DUY: Uh, I guess Shang-Chi by default.

BEN: Bruce Lee, for landing a part in a Seth Rogen movie.

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