Nov 26, 2020

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #136

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by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, Frank Giacoia, and Dave Hunt

Harry Osborn becomes the new Green Goblin!

BEN: Harry Osborn becomes the second Green Goblin. Sorry, spoiler.

DUY: Holy cow. This is one of my first comics ever and I didn't even realize it. Cover torn off, missing pages, some pages ripped. But one of my first ever..

BEN: Peter quits his staff photog job at the Bugle.

DUY: Inasmuch as Ditko's run centered around Ock, and Romita's was around the Kingpin, Conway's has been — and will remain — all about the ghosts of Gwen and Norman.


BEN: This is another iconic Spider-Man cover.

DUY: I always enjoyed this sequence. Peter looks like a detective. I like the methodical pace of it. He's a better detective than Batman.

BEN: Peter being a detective is good, but the idea of Harry covering his tracks to that degree is dumb.

DUY: Harry as the Goblin is going to be a major highlight, for me, of the married Spider-Man era, and the seeds start here.

BEN: I guess Peter and MJ are officially dating now.


DUY: I honestly never like these. How many times has Spider-Man lived only because of a lucky break?

BEN: The idea that Harry could hold his own without the goblin serum is not believable.


BEN: The flow of the caption boxes doesn’t follow the flow of the pictures at the bottom here.

DUY: You did not know each other in high school!

BEN: That is really perplexing. I can’t see Roy Thomas consistently missing these errors, so were they trying to rewrite Peter and MJ’s history?

DUY: If you look at it from a Parallel Lives retcon perspective, this could have been an MJ Freudian slip.

BEN: She watched him from a distance. Like a stalker.


BEN: Andru does good Goblin:

DUY: This will not be the last time Peter looks at Mary Jane and remembers Gwen:


DUY: The ghost of Norman Osborn.

BEN: I guess Harry, even though most subsequent writers didn’t seem to like him as the Goblin.

DUY: One of the best Spider-Man writers ever did. Or will. 

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Arthur S. said...

I don't think it's right that Ditko's run centered around Ock. For one thing Green Goblin made more appearances in the Ditko era than Ock did, and the Goblin mystery was the main thing he was building up. Ditko focused on all the major villains. In the case of Romita, Kingpin was a big part of his run from ASM#50 to around 80 or so...but Kingpin disappears in the final set of issues from #87-111 (and in fact Kingpin won't appear again until the Len Wein era). And those set of issues feature major moments for Doctor Octopus (The Death of George Stacy, his relationship with Aunt May), and Green Goblin (The Drug Trilogy).

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