Aug 5, 2020

Spider-Rama: Marvel Team-Up #9

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by Gerry Conway, Ross Andru, and Frank Bolle

Spider-Man and Iron Man get embroiled in The Tomorrow War!


BEN: I feel like this is a low-level beloved cover. Maybe I’ve seen it on merchandise before.

DUY: No clue if this is planned, but Harry being all cranky will fit right into what's happening in the main book.

BEN: I’d assume it was planned, since it is Conway on both.

DUY: The idea that Iron Man should save all the Avengers will be taken to its extreme post-2008, especially in the cartoons. He fails a lot in the movies and actually shares screen time. But the cartoons...


BEN: Iron Man before Robert Downey Jr. was so boring and not fun.

DUY: Everything about Iron Man pre-2008 has not aged well. This is true.

BEN: Even Andru suffers, drawing Iron Man armor is not his strong suit.


DUY: Spider-Man + Iron Man + Zarrko (A Thor villain) + Kang really does feel like they just threw names in a pot.


BEN: Mine:

DUY: In the realm of linguistic drifts:


DUY: Edwin Jarvis, who is important enough to be kidnapped by a time-travelling Thor villain.

BEN: Jim Mooney, because it’s clear Romita’s art never looked better than it did with Mooney finishing it.

DUY: That's it for Spider-Rama this week.

BEN: Thank you, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko—

DUY: —for telling us we aren't the only ones.

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