Jan 27, 2020

Out of Nowhere! The Top 5 Comics That Made My Decade

You thought the Best of the 2010s lists were over? Well, here's one more from Out of Nowhere!

The Top 5 Comics That Made My Decade
by Migs Acabado

The past decade brought a lot of changes to my life. Most of those changes were good and there were also a few setbacks. In the beginning of the past decade, I was searching for Clone Saga–related articles. There I discovered a comic book website called The Comics Cube. I loved its content and it became one of my favorite websites during that period. Little did I know that I’ll be a part of its team of writers, fast forward to 2016. Through that website I also met some of my very good friends. It is really fun to reminisce our early years hanging out. But that is not what I’m here to talk about today. It's already the start of a new decade. As we welcome the year 2020, I would like to share the 5 comics that rocked my 2010s.

Before we proceed to the top 5, I have some honorable mentions:

  • Tom King’s Batman – Tom made Bruce Wayne relatable to every reader. Before I only care about the scenes involving Batman. But during Tom’ run on the main Batman book, we get to know the human side of him.
  • Mark Waid’s Daredevil – This came out when I was still being introduced to the world of Matt Murdock. It felt like a breath of fresh air since the previous stories that I’ve read from Frank Miller and Ed Brubaker are grim and gritty. Waid’s run brought the word Fun back to DD.
  • The Fade Out – Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillip’s mystery crime thriller about a Hollywood scrennwriter and the dark secrets of Hollywood.

5. Wolverine and the X-Men by Jason Aaron

Back in Christmas 2011, my uncle sent me a Christmas gift from the US, a huge box of random comic books. The first issue of this series was included in that box. I read it quickly and I thought the first issue has a potential. I was right. This is one of the best X-Men comics ever! The writers rarely thrive in portraying the school setting of X-Men comics. But in this run, it was well written. You’ll laugh, cry, get angry, and cheer with all the characters. You’ll feel for most of them even with Toad. The character development of the series was done greatly. Having Wolverine as a headmaster seems to be an impossible aspect to work with but it was one of the highlights of the book. After I finished reading the whole series, it became one of my favorite X-Men comics ever.

4. DC Comics by Geoff Johns

I can’t pick any specific DC book done by Geoff Johns in past decade because I like all that I’ve read. From Aquaman (A comic book that I thought I'd never ever read) to the Watchmen sort of sequel, Doomsday Clock, he doesn’t disappoint. Some of the highlights are making Alfred a badass in Batman: Earth One, Cyborg and the Metal Men kicked ass in Justice League, Superman fighting Doctor Manhattan in Doomsday Clock and crafting the Darkseid War. Geoff Johns may have infinite tricks on his sleeve for every DC Comics Character.

3. Ultimate Spider-Man/Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis

This was my go-to comic book in the 2000s and it continued the trend in the 2010s. This comic book generated a lot of buzz in 2011 with the death of the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Then Bendis introduced Miles Morales who went on to become the star of 2018’s Into the Spider-verse movie. I followed this comic book until Bendis’ last issue in 2018.

2. Dan Slott’s Spider-Man

Dan Slott began his tenure as the solo writer of Amazing Spider-Man in the end of 2010. At first, I was not thrilled to have him as the sole writer of the book. I wanted a different writer but he proved me wrong. He gave us a lot of memorable storylines like Spider-Island, Dying Wish, No One Dies, Clone Conspiracy and the very famous Spider-Verse. He also “killed” Peter Parker and have him replaced by Doctor Octopus as the Superior Spider-Man which I think is the highlight of his run.

1. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

I am a huge fan of BKV. Y: The Last Man is one of my favorite comic book series of all time, and when Saga came out I became very excited. The story is about two star-crossed lovers who are on the run to save their baby because their relationship is forbidden since both of their respective race is at war with each other. This series tackles family and the place of belonging, not to mention it has a very Star Wars feel. It’s the series that got me very excited every time I see a new volume coming out.

My experience in reading comic books in the past decade was pretty exciting and I can say pretty stacked since I read a lot of books. Although I am now busy with work-related stuff and writing basketball articles for a certain basketball league, I still find some time to keep up with my comics. Reading and collecting comic books is something that I don’t think I’ll be giving up. So come 2030, I’ll do another round of top 5 comic books of the decade.

You may have noticed Miles Morales is on this list twice, so here's a shameless plug for Into the Spider-Verse:

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