Jul 17, 2019

Spider-Rama: Amazing Spider-Man #34

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by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Kraven the Hunter returns, impersonating Spider-Man!


BEN: Villain appearance count:
  • Doctor Octopus: 5
  • Green Goblin: 5
  • Sandman: 4
  • The Vulture: 3
  • Mysterio: 3
  • The Enforcers: 3
  • Kraven the Hunter: 3
  • The Chameleon: 2
  • Electro: 2
  • The Ringmaster and the Circus of Crime: 2
  • Scorpion: 2
DUY: First appearance of Simba.


BEN: Kraven dressing up as Spider-Man is even more interesting many years later.

DUY: Kraven dressing up as Spider-Man, much like Ock using the word Superior, or any scene involving the Brooklyn Bridge, is kind of the mark that a story was a milestone. If you can't read a previous story without being reminded of that story that came afterwards, it's a landmark.

BEN: Really, any time Gwen appears it’s sort of like the specter of death is hanging over her. Sorry, spoilers. 47-year-old spoilers. Another milestone is whenever Mary Jane shows up in the shadows, you think of when she finally doesn't.

DUY: Peter thinking he wasn't at fault for looking like a snob to his peers is interesting. Because of course you were at fault. Being preoccupied doesn't mean you're blameless.

BEN: Especially when you just have to tell them your aunt is sick.


DUY: Peter can't have really been in love with Betty, right? He was eyeing Liz every chance he got and now he intends to move in on Gwen.

BEN: Yeah, it’s the way you think you love your eighth grade girlfriend.


BEN:  Kraven supposedly negates Spider-Man’s spider-sense, but then it’s visibly working for the next three pages in a row.

DUY: Kraven is supposedly "as good as he says," but he's still clearly not a match for Spider-Man. A huge letdown from the prior three issues.

BEN: He’s probably the only villain that has given it his all in every matchup and not really come close.


DUY: In the show, don't tell department, here's Gwen Stacy expressing interest in Peter.

DUY: You know what, we only have a handful of Ditkos here before he's gone forever, so I will just say I kind of love when he draws Spider-Man swinging straight-bodied, because it makes no sense.

BEN: I assumed that was him stretching out at the end of his swing before he descends and fires another web.

DUY: And this sequence has always had some impact on me . I think I saw it reprinted in one of those books about comics, and it looked so modern, so cinematic.


BEN: Let’s assume I’m giving this to Gwen Stacy every time for the foreseeable future.

DUY: Yeah, probably Gwen by default. This issue isn't great for this category.


BEN: To go with your television season analogy, this definitely feels like a season premiere episode. I’m calling it season three, with two running from #23 to #33. Season one was much more episodic and shall be known as “the season where the Human Torch guest-starred way too often.”.

DUY:  So Season 2 is the one where it really reaches another level?
BEN: Yes.

DUY: So Amazing Fantasy #15 is the pilot, then Season 1 is from that onto before the Green Goblin/Crime Master War, more episodic, quite formulaic. Then Season 2 opens with the Green Goblin/Crime Master War and ends with the Master Planner Saga, which means it peaks there. I'm fine with that.

BEN: That's it for Spider-Rama this week.

DUY: Thank you, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko—

BEN: —for telling us we aren't the only ones.

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