Apr 22, 2019

MCU Roundtable: Your Favorite MCU Moments

Avengers: Endgame comes out this week, and we are ready for it! You guys can catch up on all our Comics Cube Roundtable discussions per movie here, but right now we've got...

Your Top 3 Favorite MCU Moments

JEFF: The Iron Man end credit scene, where Fury shows up and mentions The Avengers just whetted my appetite for Marvel to build up to something awesome. Scott Lang going Giant-Man in Civil War was so cool visually, grabbing War Machine and just wreaking so much havoc for Tony's team. Some good laughs came from that sequence too. And finally, Steve calling on SHIELD's agents to fight with him against Hydra in Winter Soldier. It fit his character perfectly and brought to the screen a great example of the inspiration Cap invokes in others and when he said he'd go at it along if he had to you know he meant it and would find a way to prevail despite the odds.

BEN: My first favorite moment is when Tony convinces Pepper not to quit in the first Iron Man. It’s the only time, in hindsight, he ever admits that he really does care, and that the only thing that matters now is saving people. 

RICH: It's also one of the only times I ever connected with the onscreen character of Pepper, who has otherwise been pretty bland, in my opinion.

BEN: These next ones aren’t my favorites but they come to mind. Loki coming through the portal in Avengers, drenched in sweat and evil, a smirk on his face, and then annihilating everyone in the room. And at the beginning of Winter Soldier, Captain America and Black Widow infiltrating that ship and surgically subduing all the hijackers with brutal efficiency. You could feel every punch and broken bone.

MATT: The first is Cap directing the action in the battle of New York leading to the swell of the Avengers theme. Second, the cops not believing cap when he directs them until he beats up a Chitauri. And third, Cap's talk with Erskine before his procedure. "Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing. You will stay who you are, not a perfect soldier, but a good man." There are so many more, but those are the ones I come back to.

BEN: Cap directing the action is a great one because I didn’t expect they’d do it.

DUY: Yeah, I went into Avengers prepared for it to be the Iron Man and Friends show. Every other studio in the world would have made it the Iron Man and Friends show.

RICH: Interestingly, that was exactly how I perceived it the first time I saw it, as I hadn't yet seen any of the prior films other than Iron Man. So I didn't enjoy the movie. Then I marathoned all of the MCU and realized how wrong I'd been.

JEFF: Having Iron Man tell Cap to call the play was surprising too but perfect for establishing Cap's leadership.

MIGUEL:  First, Spider-Man's debut at the airport scene in Civil War. Second, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Starlord, and company  fighting Thanos in Infinity War. Third, the Iron Spider debut in Infiinity War.

JD: There are literally thousands of moments to pick from and each choice is just as valid as the next. The MCU has been around for so long now. But mine are the Guardians of the Galaxy singing The Rubber Man in Avengers Infinity War. This exchange from Age of Ultron:
TONY: How were you guys planning on beating that?
STEVE: Together.
TONY: We’ll lose.
STEVE: Then we’ll do that together, too.
And that first moment in Avengers when Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor are finally standing together in the flesh. I just realized I pulled from each Avengers movie. And it's in order. 

KATHERINE: This is a very difficult question and there are too many moments that I truly love. But I feel like these are three choices that I feel good about and can literally watch over and over again:  The Avengers working all together in one long continuous tracking shot through the streets and skies of New York. Thor arriving on a bolt of lightning to fight Hela’s undead army with "Immigrant Song" blasting behind him. And tiny little brave Steve Rogers going into the machine and transforming into Captain America.

JD: That tracking shot. Yeah. Its a five-page foldout on a movie screen.

KATHERINE:  I realized looking at my picks that the last one sounds like a shallow answer, but it’s not!! The reason that moment is so great is because up to that point, the movie had done such an incredible job of making me fall in love with Skinny Steve and his beautiful little heart, that once we got to this moment, I had somehow kind of forgotten what Chris Evans actually looks like. So the first time I watched it, when he steps out it was like they had pulled off a jaw-dropping magic trick. So I always remember that feeling of shock and awe from the first time I saw it. Plus, all the other characters’ reactions are just gold.

MATT: Haley touching Chris’s chest was unscripted

RICH: All great moments, definitely  Mine, in no particular order: Hulk smashing Loki and then punching Thor. Baby Groot dancing to Electric Light Orchestra cracks me the hell up. And the Captain America montage of his work with the USO.

DUY:  That first one, yeah. I'm never going to take for granted, too, the first moment Thor blocked the Hulk's punch. my theater went "WHOA!" and that's when I knew Thor had arrived for the general audience. And yeah, mine are Thor getting the hammer back, proving himself worthy. Thor, God of Thunder, blasting Hela back and fighting all her army with his lightning hands. And rocking out to Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song." And third, Thor landing in Wakanda, the perfect last-minute rescue. I have a favorite Avenger.

JEFF: You don't have Thor opening the forge on your list?

DUY: It's within the same 10-minute span as arriving in Wakanda, so I cheat and count it as one moment.

MICHAEL: "I am Iron Man." The circle pan around the Avengers assembling together in the Battle for New York. The Snappening.

SAMANTHA: Infinity War's Lady Power moment when Okoye and Black Widow jump in to assist Scarlet Witch against Proxima Midnight. The callback to Cap's "I can do this all day." moment in Civil War. Bucky trying to literally yank the arc reactor out of Tony in Civil War. But there's more. There's so much more.

KATHERINE:  "She’s not alone."  It was so satisfying to hear my entire theater erupt in cheers and screams at that moment.

JD: It's pretty amazing how many moments we are choosing that are fairly recent moments. I think that’s a great example of the standard of quality these films have kept up.

MATT: I still laugh at 
"Have you met my friend, Tree."
"I am Groot."
"I am Steve Rogers."

KATHERINE: It's such a funny moment, while also being so pure and perfect for Steve. No weird looks, no judgment, just basically "Well hello Tree, welcome to the team, I am Steve." Additionally, on the subject of Steve, I was just thinking that there are obviously so many amazing action sequences and awe-inspiring VFX spectacles (two of them I named as my favorite moments haha), but I think possibly my favorite fight scene is the chase and attack in Winter Soldier. From Agent Sitwell getting suddenly yanked out of a moving vehicle through “Who the hell is Bucky?” that whole section is so badass and the fight choreography is just beautiful and super visceral. The Winter Soldier is full blown Michael Meyers in Halloween serial killer scary, everyone’s showing the best of their fighting skill sets, and it all just feels really grounded and real. I kind of wish that I hadn’t known it was Sebastian Stan, because I can imagine if the Winter Soldier’s identity had been a true surprise to me, my mind would’ve been blown. But the acting from both of them in that reveal moment still pulled at my heart strings.

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