Apr 29, 2019

MCU Roundtable: Who's Dying in Avengers Endgame?

Avengers: Endgame came out this past weekend, and we'll have our usual Roundtable for it next week, at this same time! You guys can catch up on all our Comics Cube Roundtable discussions per movie here, but to tide you over until next week, here's a Roundtable we did before the movie came out (so let's see who among us was right!), where we predicted...

Who's Dying in Avengers: Endgame?
Comics Cube Roundtable

DUY: So. Guys. Who's dying? Not snap-dying. Not fake-dying. Dying dying. Who's seen the last of the big screen apart from flashbacks and old footage?

MATT: That dude, right there in front. No way Steve is living through this. Specifically, upon reviewing the latest trailer, I think he dies so that Pepper can be restored (as well as Bucky and Falcon). Pepper does not appear in any of these trailers. Peggy is dead, she isn't coming back, but Steve can trade his life for the others.

RICH: It's been hinted that Chris Evans will continue to be involved with the films, even if not as Captain America. So I don't think it'll be him.

MATT: Even if Cap dies, Chris can still be involved. Everyone needs a golden retriever in their life.

KATHERINE: The reports that Evans isn't done give me hope, but they all flat out lie so that they don't spoil anything for the audience. Like when they keep saying Loki is dead.

BRIAN: I think Steve Rogers "dies," but in the comic-book sense of the word. Maybe Falcon or Bucky take over the reigns for a few movies, but in case either Chris Evans' or Marvel's fortunes wane, they leave just enough sliver of doubt or seeds of rebirth that they can bring him back again. Maybe he falls to an icy doom on an ice-planet, and finds himself once again, in hibernation.

PAUL: Paul's prediction for the big three: Tony: Happy ending, life with Pepper. Thor: Valhalla. Is greeted in a big afterlife banqueting hall by Heimdall, Loki, et al. Valkyrie gets Stormbreaker, Rocket gets his eye back. Steve: "Dies" but survives inside an Infinity Stone like Adam Warlock, Gamora, and Pip did in the comic once. Gets to live with Peggy. Maybe this is the form Thor's Valhalla will take too, but I have a feeling Tony will survive in the "real" world. He will definitely retire though.

MATT: I like the idea of Steve being in the Soul Stone or something. I think Thor setting up New Asgard in Norway would be interesting (since it's directly spoken to in Ragnarok). Better than Oklahoma, which was super random in the comics. Sokovia might also be an interesting option.

DUY: I just feel for any emotional resonance, it has to be Tony or Steve. I would say Tony and Steve, but that seems like overkill. And between the two, I think Tony makes more sense to keep around.

MICHAEL: It'll probably be Tony. Or Steve. Stony.

MATT: Since Tony is the one who initially (500 years ago when this all started) seemed the least likely to live to old age, he's probably swung around to being essentially Fury and leading/guiding others. I see him and Thor as the least likely to die. 

BEN: Who's dying? Which character is unusually large and prominent on this poster?

KATHERINE: Yes, that's what I'm saying! Count me on Team Iron Man Dies. (That sounds horrible.)

MATT: Does Steve have more story to tell? Tony's set up to be Peter's mentor. Steve has Bucky back and has mentored a next generation (Falcon, Scarlet Witch) already. His story is done.

DUY: Also just outside the narrative, which of the two actors makes more sense as the guy sticking around to help publicize stuff?

MATT: Not Mark Ruffalo, if you want secrets kept.

JEFF: I think Tony lives so Disney has someone to fall back on if there's a big box office drop off post-Endgame.

BEN: My only doubt about them dying is exactly that. Why remove a potential asset?

MATT: They could always just freeze him in ice again.

MIGUEL: I think it's Tony. Since RDJ is their biggest star, it'll be a great big shock to the audience. Also, this will help Peter Parker's maturity. Tony is Peter's Uncle Ben in the MCU.

KATHERINE: Not that the trailers mean anything, but Tony also had the biggest wistful MCU retrospectives in both of them.

JD: Its most likely Tony that dies of the big six. However, I would prefer it be Steve. The Death of Captain America led to a great Bucky arc. One of my very favorite Marvel yarns. I’d like to see that again but on screen. Also, if they ever choose to explore the superhero resurrection trope in their superhero movies, Chris Evans returning would mean more than RDJ. (Yeah we’d see it coming, but we see everything coming already. We’re ubernerdfans).

JEFF: I'll be shocked if Steve survives this. More than anyone, he is ready and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save others. And Peggy is waiting for her dance.

DUY: We know comics Cap comes back again and again, but MCU Cap's story, if it ends in this movie, is a fitting finish.  I think Tony needs a happy ending.

LaMAR: I think Cap's death would have the most impact, if we take everything into account from the narrative of the MCU at this point. It probably makes the most sense too as far as leaving the door open (Super Soldier Serum making death possibly be a totally different thing).

DUY: I mean... Steve's not getting a happy ending. He's just not. Peggy is dead. Tony can get a happy ending.

KATHERINE: Look, I GET IT. But Tony has lived a full life! He's had true love and fortune and success (and kind of sort of an adopted child... who turned into dust in his hands but still) and a real life! I feel like Cap dying would be so much sadder. I feel like Cap dying would be so much sadder. He lost the possible love of his life after having just one kiss, lost his best friend now like three times, lost his country and his original purpose in life, and despite what he tried to imply to Black Widow he might still be a virgin! haha. Maybe that's why they want to do it because it's so freakin' sad, but I wish he could have some kind of a happy ending. He deserves one the most.

BEN: Steve has a worthy successor in place and a dead girlfriend they’ve been teasing for seven years. And using Homecoming as an example, I think they believe Downey has value even in cameo roles.

MATT: Steve’s death can give hope. A noble sacrifice to restore the universe? His last great act? Tony still has someones who need him.

BRIAN: My friend just posted on FB that he thinks both Tony and Steve live,.and the film will end with Tony marrying Pepper. Would you guys be disappointed if there was no major death? Would that be a cop-out?

BEN: I think it would be a copout but I also wouldn’t be that surprised. Like, if Cap dies, I can also see them doing a “maybe he’s not dead” hint at the end. Like Batman vs Superman tried to do, but failed at.

LaMAR: BvS failed when the tape rolled in Man of Steel.

KATHERINE: I woooonder if they go into the Quantum Realm to fix things and they're messing around with the time streams, Cap makes some big sacrifice that gets him stuck in there and everyone believes he's died... They all mourn him and I cry into my sleeve for 15 minutes. Reveal later he's actually stuck in the past and ends up staying there with Peggy. When they all return to their real world he's gone, but they find pictures and evidence that he lived a full and happy life with her and lived to be 98 years old, passed away peacefully surrounded by his grandchildren. He would still be dead to satisfy you monsters, but he had a happy ending. Doesn't everybody win that way?!

DUY: What, no, he has to die fighting Thanos.

KATHERINE: He could "DIE" fighting Thanos, but he's actually in the Quantum Realm!! SHUT UP.

JEFF: I would like to see a heroic sacrifice, no going off to the soul gem either. After all the build up and snap deaths there needs to be a meaningful death in the MCU here.

BRIAN: Of course, it could just be Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch that die, or maybe they discover Coulson is "Alive!," only to watch him die again. That sort of thing could also happen. Yeesh! Hope not!!

MICHAEL: I don't want Hawkeye to die, and that's not thanks to any attachment to the MCU version — just that I'd hate to see him go without being fully realised. Considering 616 Hawkguy has taken out a room full of armed mobsters with playing cards and a tied-up Ultimate Hawkeye murdered his captors with his torn off fingernails, they've really been underplaying his abilities as a marksman with practically anything. Also I want some Pizza Dog, bro.

MATT: I also totally see Nebula pointlessly sacrificing herself. None of the Guardians exist, but if Gamora comes back (unsure), only she will mourn her.

BEN: Why is Thor looking the opposite way of everyone else? Is he going to die?!

MATT: Cap, Cap, Tony, Hawkeye and BW are all looking up and away

BEN: Toward Valhalla?

MATT: Or a giant ship crashing on them.

BEN: Objection! Speculation!

JEFF: I really want Thor to join the Guardians of the Galaxy. They were a match made in heaven.

DUY: I agree.

BRIAN: I would think it would be cool to keep these guys (Evans, Downey) around, but in limited, background roles, only summoning them for headliner status in another 3-4 movies, in maybe 4-5 years from now, when their advanced ages will really be at their limits, and they can finally go out for real. Although, with RDJ and Iron Man, there's no reason he can't turn the armor over to a younger hero, and still be a wizened mentor, a la Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. I'll be interested to see how long they go without recasting or essentially rebooting the whole MCU. Maybe they keep stretching it out as long as they avoid a string of flops. When and if that ever happens, I'm sure there will be earth-shaking changes, recastings, layoffs, finger-pointing, and whatnot, but I'm glad that it looks like that dark future may still be a long way off. Here's to another 3 or 4 good Avengers movies!!

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