Apr 21, 2019

A Letter from 10 Years After

A Letter from 10 Years After
by Migs Acabado

I am a big fan of Japanese pop culture but I don’t usually read or buy Manga. I am more of a Western comic book fan. But recently, I bought the whole run of a manga that was heavily recommended to me by a friend from work. And guess what? She was right. It's very good.

Orange is written and drawn by Ichigo Takano, and is about a girl named Naho and her group of friends. The story started when Naho received a letter ten years from the future. The letter told her that her class will be joined by a transfer student named Kakeru. They will become friends and she will fall in love with him. The letter also informed her that Kakeru won’t be around in ten years’ time because he will die. It’s up to Naho and her friends to save him.

What I love in this manga is that it is not just a love story about Naho and Kakeru. This book is also about life, friendship and family. The characters are also pretty relatable. They are the ones who you encounter every day. Naho has interesting set of friends. We the mysterious Kakeru, the cool guy Suwa, the cheerful Azu, the geeky Hagita, and the serious but friendly Takako. You can’t help but see yourself in one of these characters. For me, I see myself in Suwa because he is a very loyal friend and is willing to give up his feelings for Naho in order to save Kakeru. In real life, I also gave up my feelings to the girl I like a few years ago because my good friend likes her as well. Also, I am always playing the role of a third wheel! I met my high school/childhood friends recently and Orange reminded me of those days when we were together every day. It made me miss those times.

I am also a big fan of stories from parallel universe. Orange makes us believe that a parallel universe can exist. Your regrets and what ifs can happen in a different universe. Our life can be different in another universe. This makes me think if another me does exist, what is his life in that universe? Is he more successful? Does he have a wife and kids? Does he love comics up until now? I guess no one can tell. If there is one thing that I learned from the manga, it is to live life without regrets. Do what you love and be with the people that you value the most as much as you can.

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