Jan 23, 2019

Back Issue Ben's Favorite George Perez Comics

George Perez has retired, and while the internet shares image after image of his masterful artwork and unique ability to layout massive gatherings of superhero characters with expert spacing, I’m going to focus on the comics and stories he created that have special meaning for me.

My Favorite  George  Perez Comics
Ben Smith

Perez certainly worked on some of the most important comic books ever made, but these are my favorite.


I’ve written this a hundred times, but my two favorite single comics ever are Amazing Spider-Man #121 and Crisis on Infinite Earths #8.  Both involve deaths (which means I’m morbid) but while one involves a hero’s ultimate failure, the death of the Flash represents the ultimate triumph; the ultimate heroic sacrifice.  I had only recently begun reading Flash comics, so the idea of a hero dying and getting replaced, it wasn’t something I was used to as a Marvel fan.  It blew my little mind, and I think a bit of innocence was lost that day.  That’s fine though, because what replaced it was the infinite possibilities of storytelling, and the idea that you can miss someone that isn’t even real.


The New Teen Titans definitely had its ups and downs and it doesn’t seem to be aging that well, but what I like about it is more conceptual anyway.  I love the way Dick Grayson matured, and not just from Robin into Nightwing, but his growth into a leader and a central figure in the DC universe.  His relationship with Starfire still remains my preference for him, as he and Batgirl never made a lot of sense to me from her end.

I love Raven.  I know there’s a lot that’s problematic about her origin, but I do like the idea of her being created by evil and suppressing the evil inside of her.  There’s probably a conversation to be had about a women needing to suppress her emotions to prevent unleashing hell upon the world, but her deadpan delivery is really funny on Teen Titans Go, so there’s good things and bad things about the character.  She’s got a great costume too, they need to stop messing with it.


I love Morgan le Fay, so there’s no better way to start a great run of comics than by making her the villain.  I love most of the witches in comics.  They’re strong, insanely powerful, and they might kill you, so what’s not to love?


My love for the Legion of Super-Heroes is documented, and there’s no bigger celebration of the vast and complicated history of the franchise than this mini-series.  Not only was it another low-key brilliant retcon by Geoff Johns, making the different historical versions of the Legion from the future of different alternate Earths, but it made the “primary” version of Brainiac 5 as big of a jerk as Mark Waid’s “threeboot” version.  It’s a pure fan service story, beautifully rendered by one of the all-time great comic book artists.

George Perez, you will be missed.

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