Dec 24, 2017

The 1996 Spider-Man Christmas Special

On this Christmas Eve, Migs wants to share his favorite Christmas story that he read when he was in high school.

The 1996 Spider-Man Christmas Special
Migs Acabado

Every year in the 90s, Marvel Comics released the Marvel Holiday Special, a collection of Christmas stories starring your favorite Marvel characters. One night in 2003, I picked up one of the 1996 edition. When I got home from the comic book shop, I read it right away. All the stories were cool but one story got my full attention. It was the story written by Mark Waid and drawn by Pat Oliffe. It involves my favorite character, Spider-Man, and his arch-nemesis, J. Jonah Jameson.

In this story, J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man get stuck under some rubble, and JJJ has a choice: help Spider-Man get out and save both their lives, or wait out the hour until Spider-Man's web mask dissolves and he can discover who Spider-Man really is.

Click the pictures to enlarge and read the story.

This story is classic Spider-man/J. Jonah Jameson verbal fights and insults.  But what I like about this story is that even though Jameson’s hate for Spider-man is endless, he still did the right thing and saved our hero. Christmas is the season of love and care. In this story, it showed us that we should care for the people around us. Even if the ones involved are your enemies. Merry Christmas from Out of Nowhere!

And Merry Christmas from The Comics Cube!

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