Dec 16, 2017

Roundtable: What Excites You About the Disney/Fox Merger?

What are you most excited about with the Disney/Fox purchase? Which characters would you most want to see enter the MCU?

Roundtable: What Excites You About the Disney/Fox Merger?
The Extended Comics Cube Family


Back Issue Ben Only if they cast Hasselhoff as the Beyonder. They can even tie it to Starlord in a Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man way.

Peter: Secret Wars 2.

Back Issue Ben: I’ve coincidentally been reading classic X-Men and Wolverine lately, so if Marvel Studios can capture any of that Claremont magic at all, it will be exciting. It’s funny how many, I hope Marvel doesn’t screw up the X-Men, comments I’ve seen. Fox has gotten every single casting decision (outside of Magneto ) wrong. Even Hugh Jackman won me over by charisma and persistence. Can we please get a short Wolverine?

Duy: I somehow hope they get to retain Dafne Keen.

Back Issue Ben: She's the only one. Her and Ryan Reynolds.

MiguelI want to see Deadpool in the MCU. They should do a Spider-Man/Deadpool movie. I can't wait to see both of them goofing around.

Antonio: X-23 and Deadpool.

Peter: I'm looking forward to seeing Cable vs. Thanos. I'd also like to see Scarlet Witch meeting X-Men Quicksilver, and meeting Magneto too. But really, I just want Reed and Sue and Ben and Johnny.

LaMar: Fantastic Four, without question. Any Marvel Universe in any medium is incomplete without them.

Matthew: Fantastic Four, without a doubt.

Peter: They don't even have to have their own film. I'll be happy with them as regular guest stars, acting as the (slightly) older, sometimes wiser, advisers to the other heroes. Ben hosting poker and beer nights for the other heroes. Tony and Bruce going to Reed for science help. That sort of thing.

Duy: That's actually how I wanted them to treat Peter Parker, basically go with the Ant-Man treatment. But basically I want Galactus to be the big villain after Thanos.

Back issue Ben: I think he could work on-screen, go with the Moebius look.

LaMar: They could pull the Galactus/Surfer origin story from Fantastic Four #48 and put it onscreen. It still works.

Matt: Avengers vs. X-Men would be the ultimate collision course and fan service movie. I also think wholly unworkable.

Jeff: I'm not sure I would use the word excited over this. I'm looking forward to a better FF movie yes but I hope they don't drastically alter what they already have planned for the Infinity War. I'm more interested in how this will affect Marvel in their editorial and publishing areas with focus back on X titles.

Duy: Yeah, I think anyone who gets the spotlight in the next two Avengers movies should be characters/actors that have been there all this time.

Ben: I doubt the deal will be fully completed in time to change Infinity War.

TanyaI'm not excited about the merger, because I feel competition is healthy. If Disney owns everything we will be worse for it.

Peter:  Tanya makes a good point about competition. Kinda like when WWE just snapped up all of their competitors.

Ben: I agree in principle, but I don’t know that Fox Marvel was really competition for Disney Marvel.

TravisIn terms of the MCU... I'm looking forward most probably to all the FF ancillary characters. Annihilus. Galactus. Dr Doom. Puppet Master. But we need some more "vs Aliens" and "vs Predator" comics. (They own those now, right?)

Ben: Aliens vs Star Wars vs Marvel crossover!

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