Jun 2, 2017

After Wonder Woman: 10 Superheroines Who Should Get Their Own Movie

Wonder Woman is easily the best DC movie since 1978 and, arguably, the best since 1966. That's not really a high bar, nor, really, a bar of any respectable height, and also, in the big scheme of things, not really important.

Yay! We made a good DC movie!
What's more important is it's the best female-led superhero movie ever, projected to beat the box office of every female-led superhero movie combined. (The magic number is $136.1 million if you count Ghost in the Shell; $95.6 million if you don't, as per Forbes.) That's important because it means the glass ceiling is well on the way to being broken. In 2004, Warner Brothers made a bad female-led superhero movie called Catwoman and studio executives decided female-led action movies don't sell. With a high success rate, Wonder Woman can break that stigma, and studios should strike while the iron is hot. If I'm working in Hollywood, I'm pitching the following characters first thing tomorrow.

After Wonder Woman: 10 Superheroines Who Should Get Their Own Movie
by Duy


My personal favorite one is Attorney Jennifer Walters, the one character I really want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like her cousin, the Hulk, she turns from meek civilian to a superstrong green giant. Unlike her cousin, the Hulk, she loves every second of it and uses it to whup ass and make sarcastic comments while doing it. She-Hulk fits right into the Marvel Cinematic Universe's group of wisecracking ass-kickers.

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

Gemworld is composed of twelve great houses, each named after a gemstone, and each with plans to take over all of Gemworld. The sun rises from the Eastern sea and will have become a moon by the time it sets in the West, and Princess Amethyst gets sent to the human world, unaware of her heritage, until such time that she needs to return. A great escapist premise that would look great and provide variety to the genre.

Silver Sable

Sony is apparently already talking about this, but Silver Sablinova is really an easy fit for film. She's queen of the nation of Symkaria, heads an mercenary group called the Wild Pack, and is a great hand-to-hand fighter. It may sound like a basic action movie premise, but set it in a superhero setting and dress the lead character in all silver, and I think we've differentiated it enough to give it its own identity.


She-Ra should kick off a Masters of the Universe franchise instead of her more famous brother, for all the reasons I mentioned here.


I don't even know why there isn't a Storm comic, since she's actually arguably been Marvel's most popular superheroine. So maybe Fox can do something with her and show she can carry a story on her own.


Bandette is the world's greatest thief, and her stories are like if scientists were able to put joy and whimsy in a bottle and make a wonderful perfume out of it, except the perfume became a printed page.

Okay, fine, bad analogy. It's late. Here, read my old column on Bandette so I don't have to explain.


Because, really, do we want the Catwoman movie that exists to be the first thing we see whenever we Google Catwoman?


I'm a huge sucker for stage magic. Okay, fine, I really have no idea how a Zatanna movie would work, especially since her comics have rarely worked. But with her job and powers, it would work great visually; we just need to find an actual story.

Black Canary

DC's other fishnet-wearing ass-kicker, like Silver Sable, would be an easy fit for film. Leather-wearing motorcycle-riding Dinah Lance wouldn't cost much to translate to the big screen. Unfortunately, she would share the same challenges as her Marvel counterpart, and our final pick...

Black Widow

I mean, seriously. It's time. The fans want it. Kevin Feige apparently wants it. Scarlett Johannson wants it. I get that yes, it may run the risk of looking like a generic spy movie, but guess what? That's what the creative people are for. And honestly, the entire time I was watching Ghost in the Shell, you know what I was thinking? That all the effort in building the (very impressive) set, all the budget going into paying Scarlett and the marketing campaign — all that should have been put into a Black Widow movie. So come on, guys. Let's get this going.

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