Dec 28, 2016

Blue: The Color of Love and Heartbreak

Howdy, folks. We're turning the Cube over today to Cube friend Migs Acabado, who's got some stuff to say about the classic Spider-Man comic, Spider-Man: Blue. Take it away, Migs!


Blue: The Color of Love and Heartbreak
by Migs Acabado
Out of Nowhere

Spider-man: Blue is a limited series that was written by the dynamic duo of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. This is a story about Peter Parker and his greatest love, Gwen Stacy. It is about how they fell in love with one another.  And it is the best Spider-man love story ever.

The story technically takes place on Valentine ’s Day, where Peter is recording a message to the deceased Gwen. He recounts the moments when he had just met Gwen and had to choose between Gwen and Mary Jane Watson. Though there is also plenty of action in this story, with Spider-man running against a gauntlet of some of his worst enemies (with a mystery villain masterminding the attacks on Spider-man), it is Peter's narration about his feeling for Gwen that carry the storyline.

My friend lent me his copy of Spider-man: Blue a few years back and I fell in love with it. For some reason, I had a difficulty in finding my own copy of the book. A few weeks ago, I managed to get one and I was able to read the story once again. I thought that I wouldn't feel the same way as I did when I first read it, but I was wrong — The story is so good that it hurts. Loeb's writing is very relatable to the readers. Every emotion that was shown in the story is very evident. It makes you feel as if you are the one who are experiencing the events. Tim Sale’s art complements the mood of the story, and for me, he paid a great tribute to Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr. (Editor's note: The events recounted in Spider-Man: Blue are meant to coincide with the events in John Romita Sr.'s early run on Amazing Spider-Man.)

This is not only a great Spider-man story, but a great Gwen Stacy story as well. I grew up reading a Spider-man that was already married to Mary Jane. I haven’t had the chance to know Gwen, but this book didn’t disappoint. It showed that Gwen is different from MJ. If MJ was the ultimate party girl, Gwen was the good girl that your parents wanted you to end up with. I always thought that I was an MJ fan, but it turns out that she is just my second favorite Spider-girlfriend. Gwen is really the bombshell.

For me, Spider-man: Blue is like the story about your greatest love that you thought that’ll last forever but was not. The feeling of excitement when you are just falling in love with her, the awkward feeling when you thought you can’t have her, and the pain when you lose her. Unlike movies, I rarely shed a tear when reading comic books, but this book is an exception. It already got me teary-eyed twice!

The last few pages is where the feelings explode. MJ in the present day listening to Peter, asking him to say hi to Gwen for her and that she misses her. It shows that even though they fought for Peter's attention, they still became good friends.

The last panel where Peter delivered his last message was very powerful and also heartbreaking.

Even though Peter Parker already has the powers of a spider, it doesn’t prevent him from losing his loved ones. For me, Spider-man’s biggest defeat is when he failed to save Gwen, the love of his life. Everything was not the same anymore. It is also the same with us. Once we lose the person we love the most, we are never the same person that we used to be. There will always be the feeling of being blue.

Spider-man: Blue is a tale of love and loss. It is a beautiful love story that ended tragically. If you are interested in reading it, get your hearts ready.

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