Apr 28, 2016

Hidden Gems: Halo and Sprocket

I've been a fan of Kerry Callen since we launched the Comics Cube, mainly because his blog is a hoot. Among the features on his blog that have gone viral, here are animated GIFs of classic comics:

Super Antics:

And this particularly popular pair of images:

So with all this, I've been particularly interested in his creator-owned series, Halo and Sprocket. Unfortunately, they're not easy to find, so it took me years and a bit of luck at the recent Komikon to find a copy of the first volume, Welcome to Humanity.

This series is quite clever, and if you've read enough of the Cube, you'll know I particularly like wit and cleverness, especially in shortform content. This story about an angel, Halo, and a robot, Sprocket, who live in a single woman's apartment (with the woman, Katie). Halo is put on Earth to help Sprocket adjust to humanity. It's not easy, because the two of them take everything so literally.

The stories vary in length, but there are no multi-parters. It's pretty much ruminations on various events and figures of speech that we encounter in our everyday lives. At one point, Katie takes Halo and Sprocket to an art show, and they don't understand art at all. Finally, Sprocket finds a piece that appeals to his sense of aesthetics. Kinda.

I can't really say much more without spoiling the stories because they're so short, but they're really quite fun and clever that it does provoke some thought about certain things we consider routine.

Also, at one point, Sprocket asks Halo, "Can I borrow your flaming sword of vengeance?" And you know, I thought that was pretty funny.

Halo and Sprocket is available, in full color, now on Comixology.

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