Jul 1, 2015

The 10 Hottest Men and Women in Comic Book Movie History

The 10 Hottest Men and Women in Comic Book Movie History

I love making lists, and I love movies. Since I’ve already listed my favorite comic book movies, and my favorite comic book movie moments, the next available option was to, of course, rank the 10 hottest female actors to appear in a comic book movie. In an effort to keep it fair and balanced, I enlisted the help of Mrs. Back Issue Ben to provide a list of the hottest males to occupy a comic book movie screen. I was pretty much fine with her list, but she decided mine was all wrong, so she did a list of her own, and then I took the average of both lists to create the final list you’ll see below.

The rules were simple. Only movies based off of comic books, no television shows. The actor had to be attractive in the actual role itself, not just in real life (so no Heath Ledger as the Joker). Only significant characters were considered, so I’m sorry Nova Prime’s assistant from Guardians of the Galaxy, you weren’t eligible.

I realize some might not like the idea of a list arbitrarily ranking people based on attractiveness, but if you can’t objectify men and women based purely on physical appearance, then what is the internet even for? Feel free to skip this week if you’re offended by the concept, but please come back next week. Also, send money.

Honorable mentions:

  • Hugh Jackman didn’t make Kimberly’s list, but I’d imagine he’d make a lot of others.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer probably deserves some type of honorary spot for all the boys she thrust into puberty around 1992.
  • We both like Zoe Saldana, just not as Gamora.
  • I tried to find a spot for Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy, but she just couldn’t crack the list.
  • Amy Adams, she’s pretty.
  • Everyone before 1992 is too, look, just stop living in the past, man.

10. James Franco
Harry Osborn – Spider-Man

Back Issue Ben: As best as I can determine, men fit into three basic categories. Probably ugly, probably attractive, and definitely attractive. For example, I can see that Johnny Depp and (the late) Paul Walker are very attractive men. Beyond that, the rest of the male population either falls into ugly or not ugly as far as I can tell.
humankimberly: To be honest, after like number 7 I just picked three more names that I thought were attractive. I wouldn’t really call them "hot." But Harry Osborn still beat out Tony Stark who didn’t even make the top 10.

10. Jessica Biel
Abigail Whistler – Blade 3

humankimberly: Abigail didn’t make my top 10 list but she is a nice choice. She has a pure kind of beauty that isn’t masked by lots of makeup.
Back Issue Ben: I still think of Biel as the daughter of a preacher, like she was on that one TV show. (Was that her?) I never watched it, but she still represents an air of innocence (despite Timberlake soiling her). I feel like I’ve gotten too “US Weekly” just now. Sports, am I right?

9. Chris Evans
Captain America – The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger

humankimberly: Again, by now I just picked a good-looking superhero. Honestly Cap is too perfect for my taste. Plus too good. Dude seriously, park illegally or rip the tag off your mattress. I like my boys bad….
Back Issue Ben: They make Chris Evans look taller than he really is for these movies. I take offense to that.
Cranky Editor Man: Heehee. Ben is short.

9. Blake Lively
Carol Ferris – Green Lantern

humankimberly: Carol was my number 8. Again she has that natural kind of beauty.
Back Issue Ben: She wasn’t on my list, but that’s because I liked when she was a little dirtier in The Town. She's not really a good Carol Ferris, but she's hot, definitely hot.

8. Michael Fassbender
Magneto – X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past

Back Issue Ben: He’d probably higher on my list, if I had done one. That dude’s handsome.
humankimberly: This version of Magneto is pretty damn hot. Not hot enough for me to remember after I finish this article but hot enough to make the list.

8. Jaimie Alexander
Sif – Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Back Issue Ben: She didn’t make my list. She’s a little too tomboy for me, a little too tall. I saw her on a talk show once and she’s too hyper and aggressive. She’d beat me up for real, not just pretend.
Cranky Editor Man: See? Ben is short.
humankimberly: Sif is my number 4, and his list is crap and I demand a recount. Jaimie being number 8 is a travesty and my husband obviously has no taste. She’s glorious and should easily be top 5.

7. Aaron Eckhart
Harvey Dent – The Dark Knight

humankimberly: Harvey is super hot, but what makes him better is that he goes evil. Evil is always better than good.
Back Issue Ben: Very true.

7. Natalie Portman
Jane Foster – Thor, Thor: The Dark World
Evey Hammond – V for Vendetta

humankimberly: Jane is my number 6. I love Natalie. She’s pretty but I don’t think she’s gorgeous. However, her acting makes her more attractive and being hot is more than just physical appearance.
Back Issue Ben: Interesting that in the eternal debate of Sif vs Jane, we went with Natalie Portman. She makes a pretty bald woman too, in V.
humankimberly: What do you mean “we?” If I remember correctly, and I know I do, Sif was my number 4 and Jane was my number 6. No taste, and bad at basic math.

6. Taylor Kitsch
Gambit – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Back Issue Ben: I will forever be on the Tim Riggins bandwagon. I’m willing to watch anything he does, even though he’ll never reach the heights of our delinquent with a heart of gold. Battleship, not that bad. Savages, okay then. Lone Survivor, now that was great. I’ve never voted for President, but if Taylor ran for President, I might consider it.
humankimberly: I think I like this version of Gambit best because of the poor attitude, and his confidence.

6. Emma Stone
Gwen Stacy – The Amazing Spider-Man

humankimberly: Gwen is my number 9. Again she’s pretty but not gorgeous in my opinion. Her personality makes her more attractive since she’s not always hanging on Spidey like a lovesick stalker.
Back Issue Ben: I had her at number 5, and I’m willing to concede that it might completely be because she was Gwen Stacy, my favorite Spider-Man girlfriend. Emma seems like the kind of girl it would be fun to hang out with though.

5. Chris Hemsworth
Thor – The Avengers, Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Back Issue Ben: I’m pretty sure I would have been insanely jealous of Thor in high school, or whatever Asgardians go to. Thor would have been on the Asgardian Lacrosse team.
humankimberly: Number 5? Really that’s it? Yes, and here’s why. He’s too perfect. I like my men with some flaws. Plus all that "thee" and "thou" would get really old really fast. Also, Thor would have been the entire Asgardian Lacrosse team.
Cranky Editor Man: Heehee. Ben has "flaws."

5. Morena Baccarin 
Vanessa Carlysle/Copycat - Deadpool

humankimberly: Copycat is my number 2. She’s beautiful and even though this movie isn’t out yet it would be really hard to make her unattractive. If I could look like any other woman in the world it would be her.
Back Issue Ben: If I could have my wife look like any other woman in … just kidding. She didn’t make my list, but only because the movie hasn’t come out yet. She’s a very elegant beauty. I think she’s one of the prettiest actresses there has ever been, and I like her career choices.

4. Stephen Amell
Casey Jones – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

humankimberly: This movie isn’t out yet be seriously have you seen Stephen Amell? He’s so hot he sizzles. I can’t imagine him not being the hottest Casey Jones ever.
Back Issue Ben: I agree.

4. Hayley Atwell
Agent Peggy Carter – Captain America: The First Avenger

humankimberly: Peggy was my number 7. She’s pretty and badass but not gorgeous. She has that nice 1940s kind of elegance with an “I will kick your ass attitude.”
Back Issue Ben: She was number 2 on my list, and it’s mostly because of Peggy Carter. I just love her as that character so much. She’s naturally pretty, kicks ass, and that accent. She’ll kill some Nazis on a secret spy mission, and then go out for beers after.

3. Brandon Lee
Eric Draven – The Crow

Back Issue Ben: If I had made a list, he probably would have been first. He’s got long hair and a tortured soul.
humankimberly: Black leather, long hair, and revenge is the perfect recipe for a hot guy.

2. Tom Hiddleston
Loki – The Avengers, Thor, Thor: The Dark World

humankimberly: Mmmm, he can rule me anytime. Attractiveness is more than huge muscles and perfect features. Loki is so angry I just want to give him a hug…..right before he backhands me into the next zip code. Confidence is so hot.
Back Issue Ben: I didn’t get all the Loki love until the first scene of The Avengers. Then it all made sense.

Scarlett Johansson
Black Widow – The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Jennifer Lawrence
Mystique – X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past

humankimberly: Widow was my number 5 and I really don’t know why. I just don’t see the appeal. She’s trying way too hard to be cool in Avengers, and she wears too much makeup. But the menfolk just seem to love her. The fact that I’m even arguing her as number 2 or 3 is annoying.
Back Issue Ben: Jennifer Lawrence is prettier in real life, but I’ve never cared for the Mystique design in the movies, oddly enough. Scarlett in that Black Widow catsuit is just sultry and sexy.
humankimberly: Mystique is number 2. End of debate.
Back Issue Ben: Fine!

3. Scarlett Johansson
2. Jennifer Lawrence

1. Ryan Reynolds
Deadpool - Deadpool
Hannibal King – Blade 3
Hal Jordan – Green Lantern

humankimberly: Ryan is my marriage exception guy. If I ever meet him, my marriage is on vacation. It doesn’t matter that Deadpool’s face is messed up under that mask; let’s just leave it on. The muscles and insanity are enough to rev my engine. I like the crazy ones. Plus the fact that I have 3 characters to choose from is even hotter. Women like options.
Back Issue Ben: I just want to be friends with him. Ryan was married to two of the women on this list, which means I should probably hate him, but no, I still want to hang out. Just not around my wife.

1. Karen Gillan
Nebula – Guardians of the Galaxy

Back Issue Ben: It takes a rare amount of hotness to make a bald, blue, cyborg into the number one hottest comic book movie female ever, but that’s what happened. She’d probably kill me and eat me, like a praying Mantis, but that’s okay. I’d give up one of my children for the opportunity, and my wife would understand.
humankimberly: No, no I would not understand. No trading my children. However, as the only female on this list that I would turn bisexual for, she’s my number 1. She’s hot, she can kick my ass, she’s evil, she’ll turn on you the first chance she gets, and she’s blue. What’s not to love?

Back Issue Ben: I think that’s a pretty solid list. If you disagree, then you’re just weird, like Duy. Also, make your own list then, complainer. Send us money too, while you’re at it.

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