May 11, 2015

The Devil Returns: My Plans for Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix

The Devil Returns: My Plans for Season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix
Ben Smith

With the recent announcement that a second season of Daredevil has been ordered by Netflix, I decided I’d give the new showrunners some free advice about what to do. I’m not usually much of a prognosticator, I like to let movies, TV shows, and comics tell me the story. I’m just along for the ride. But for whatever reason, as soon as I finished season one, my mind just started swirling with ideas for what they should do with future seasons. Instead of letting them slowly drive me insane, to the point I start selling policies to my imaginary insurance company on the side of the road, I will instead write them down and share my madness with you. You’ve been duly warned.


I would take a step back from Wilson Fisk, having him make some power moves from inside prison until his eventual release thanks to high priced lawyers at the end of the season. You could even have him, if there’s time, struggle for internal control of the prison with a scarred face inmate by the name of Jigsaw, setting up a connection to another street-level Marvel hero down the line. Obsessed with Daredevil having toppled his criminal empire, he hires the world famous assassin Elektra to kill the vigilante.


Obviously, with the mention of the “Greek girl” in season one, Elektra Natchios is a no-brainer for season two. Hired by Wilson Fisk to kill Daredevil, she finds herself once again falling for college flame Matt Murdock. Plenty of opportunities for flashbacks to their doomed romance, until she finally discovers that she is in love with the very man she has been hired to kill.


Initially passed over by Wilson Fisk for the Daredevil contract, talented marksman Lester Poindexter takes it upon himself to kill the hero and take his place as Fisk’s top assassin for hire. Daredevil finds himself in the crosshairs of two talented assassins, both competing against each other for his head.


Despite Foggy’s clear romantic interest in her, she can’t help that her affections towards Matt Murdock have continued to grow. Her sense of rejection is exacerbated by the return of Matt’s former girlfriend Elektra. When she learns that Matt Murdock and Daredevil are one and the same, it completes her downward spiral back into her former life of drugs and alcohol.


I don’t have much worked out for Foggy Nelson. Obviously he’s going to struggle with knowing Matt’s secret. Maybe he can get involved with representing a client and a case that is dragging him into dangerous territory, and he’s too proud to ask for Matt’s help.


Matt continues to struggle with the responsibility of being Hell’s Kitchen’s savior, while running an honest legal practice. Stuck in a love triangle he never asked for, the return of a lost love, and two assassins that want to kill him, the pressure starts to become too much. The first cracks in the psyche of Matt Murdock begin to form.


I know most are going to want to see an adaptation of the classic Daredevil storyline “Born Again” at some point, but I would prefer if they continued to create their own version of Daredevil for the show. Most direct adaptations of classic comic stories only result in disappointment anyway.

I would still have Karen sell Matt’s identity as Daredevil for drugs, with the information making its way to a recently released Fisk. Instead of systematically destroying Matt’s entire life like in “Born Again,” Fisk hires the multiple personality assassin Typhoid Mary to seduce him and destroy his life from within. I really just want to see a well-done version of Typhoid Mary in live action. The completely separate personalities of the mild-mannered Mary, and the deadly killer Typhoid, would even still work on the screen, since Matt is blind and can’t really see her (when she changes personalities, it’s so total that even her heartbeat is different).

If they want to go in a completely different direction (or possibly both) I’ve always loved when Daredevil and the Punisher’s different philosophies toward crime prevention are put at odds. The Punisher could come to New York after Fisk is released, intent on ending his menace permanently, which is in direct conflict with Matt’s no-killing beliefs. It would be a great way for Marvel to reintroduce the Punisher, whom they recently got the rights back to, inside their new shared universe.

There you have it, those are my ideas for future seasons of Daredevil. Obviously I’m excited to see whatever they might do, and hopefully they blow my meager thoughts out of the water. Let us know what you’d like to see in future seasons of Daredevil in the comments.

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