Apr 3, 2014

Easter Eggs: Homages to Amazing Spider-Man #33

Homages to Amazing Spider-Man #33
by Duy

Amazing Spider-Man #33 isn't only one of the greatest Spider-Man comics of all time, but it's also one of the greatest comics, period, of all time. It opens with a pretty famous sequence of Spider-Man getting out of a bunch of rubble that Dr. Octopus (in his guise as the Master Planner) has trapped him under.


It's a famous sequence that's been homaged several times, and Brian Cronin's Comics Should Be Good has compiled a list of sequences here for times Spider-Man's done it.

So I'll show you some instances it's been homaged with someone other than Spider-Man!

First up, we've got Captain Marvel from DC Comics Presents Annual #3, dated 1984, written by Roy Thomas, Julie Schwartz, Joey Cavalieri, and Gil Kane, and drawn by Kane. In this story, Dr. Sivana steals Captain Marvel's power and traps him under some rubble from the Rock of Eternity. I think it's both funny that Superman is basically Aunt May, and cool that my favorite hero from the 1940s is taking cues from my favorite hero of the 1960s (or that my second favorite hero is taking cues from my favorite hero, whatever).

Next, we've got Thor #365, dated March 1986, where Thor's been turned into a frog and has to pick up Mjolnir before a bunch of rats get him. This is a Walt Simonson classic!

Finally, we've got Blue Beetle #2, dated July 1986, by Len Wein, Paris Cullins, and Bruce Patterson. Like Spider-Man, Beetle's a Ditko creation and people have often compared the two of them due to both being brainy and bug-based.

That's it for now. If you guys have any more examples, or any more Easter Eggs for that matter, send 'em over to comicscube@gmail.com!

You can check out a couple of these stories here.

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