Oct 31, 2013

Three Thor Crossovers That Should Happen

Thor: The Dark World is coming out soon, so all my articles for October 2013 are about the God of Thunder! Some call it OcThorBer, but I'm just gonna call it Thor Month. This week, we're talking about...

Thor Crossovers That Should Happen
Written by Duy
Artwork by Benjamin Bartolome

Thor's a great character, but he hasn't been in many intercompany crossovers, although he did fight Conan the Barbarian in a Marvel comic once.  That's a real shame, since there are a lot characters from various companies that he'd interact well with. So for Thor Month, I contacted my friend Benjamin Bartolome, artist of the first two issues of the webcomic 20 Vikings and the upcoming Fallen Ash, and creator of the local comic Team Tag Team, and he drew some pairings that we thought would work for a whole story. In fact, if you like his work, feel free to let him know at abiku009@gmail.com!

Thor and Wonder Woman!

Thor is Marvel's premiere myth-based hero, and Wonder Woman is DC's premiere myth-based hero. They come from different pantheons, but no one from their circles loves the Earth more than they do. In this scenario, they'd foil a crime together and hit it off right away, when Eros, the Greek god of love, puts a spell on the two of them. They'd go on a few dates, and it'd be cute... until their enemies decide to band together, they snap out of it, and they realize it's probably better off if they just remained friends. Still, just imagine what Thor would do to woo Diana, and how Diana would react. It'd be a fun 40 pages!

Thor and the Sandman!

Neil Gaiman's Sandman series has already featured a version of the Aesir, and those Asgardian gods were closer to the original myths than Marvel's version. Since Dream of the Endless is about the variety and power of story, and there's an opportunity there to see the contrasts between the two versions. It would be interesting to see Dream just figure out the basic mechanism for how the Marvel pantheons function. Also, I just want Thor to give Dream a flagon of mead and tell him to lighten up.

(Just in time for Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III's new Sandman: Overture miniseries, you say? Never. I would never go for cheap hits!) 

Thor vs. He-Man!

Lou Scheimer died recently, so this works as a tribute to him, but even if he didn't, this is still a no-brainer. No plot here, just a good old-fashioned competition, which Benj turned into a boxing match! Somehow, some way, the audience would include Skeletor and the Loki from the 1966 Marvel cartoons, who sounded like Skeletor.

Thanks again to Benj for the artwork! (Especially since he did this on such short notice — he'd have colored them if I had given him enough time. Well, either that or there'd be more pairings, whichever. Still!) Let him know you like it at abiku009@gmail.com!


Mattkind said...

he should met this version of Thor http://savagedragonwiki.wikispaces.com/Thor

Shaun said...

I think Thor and the New Gods would be fantastic. Thor vs. Orion? Thor vs. Darkseid? Hell yes.

Duy Tano said...

Thor vs. Orion in a fistfight actually was on the list, but there wasn't enough time to get to it. :)

JV said...

Thor vs. X.O. Manowar would be interesting... Mjlonir vs. Good Skin!

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