Mar 26, 2013

Double Helix: Just Me and the Boys

Double Helix is a column written by Rachel Helie for the Comics Cube! See her archives here.

Rachel has left the Cube for a regular spot at Be sure to follow her there, and to check out her personal website here.
 Just Me and the Boys
Rachel Helie

A little over a year ago (wow, has it been that long?!) I was looking to find a regular place to write about comic books. I submitted a couple of formal applications to online sources but because I lacked a resume, it was slow going. The girls club didn’t want me. I have strong feeling about the role that women have in comic fandom.  There all of these misconceptions about it being a boy’s club and objectification blah blah blah…I have not had that experience. Here’s why.

I met the right men.  This is the beauty of our fandom.  Across differing experiences, cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and yes, gender, we can come together in an intelligent way to discuss the things that drive our passion. I’ve been fortunate to work with these guys. They treated me like an equal, not like a woman.  They gave me shit and I gave it right back, but it was always informed and never personal.

I never got the impression of being intimidated or “put in my place” because none of these guys do that kind of bullshit. Ben, picture below right, is U.S. military personnel. He bleeds green. But he is also a family man, father of two and married to smart-as-a-whip fan-girl Kimberly Smith, fellow Pym theorist.

Ben Smith: Obsessed with Ducks. Also, a loving husband and father,
huge comic book fan, writer of Back Issue Ben
Duy Tano, our fearless leader, originally found me lurking in the lair of the ICS.  He knew I could write, knew I wanted to, and came to me with the idea of a regular column at the Cube!. One member of our “society” contributed to my final decision on naming the column: Double Helix.  These folks just “got” me.  No questions asked that weren’t on topic.

Duy Tano: main writer and editor-in-chief at The Comics Cube! Cool guy

Travis Hedge Coke…wow. Faculty at Shandong University in Weihei, he is our scholar.  If Duy is our touchstone, and Ben is our passion, then Travis is the circuitry of synapse.  His writing is crisp and thorough, succinct and well-thought out. As one would expect from such a mind. I look forward to all of the columns at the Cube! but Travis’s Pop Medicine is one that I have referred to time and again, mainly because every time I turn around Ben is talking about Ducks. But that’s a story for another time, another place.

Travis Hedge Coke: visiting faculty Shandong Univesity,
comic lover, writer Pop Medicine!
I’m leaving the Cube! and my column, Double Helix will be archived. I have loved writing with these guys but obligations prevent me from being as involved as I would like to be.  It has been my sincere pleasure working with these men, getting to know their unique perspectives and always being treated like an equal in their company. I couldn’t have hoped for a better introduction.

To the boys of the Comics Cube! Every single one of you are a class act. It’s been fun. And Kimberly…I still stand by my position on Janet but if you didn’t get to see the test footage leak of Ant Man, I weep. You deserve that!  See you all on the other side of obsession!

Duy here. Be sure to check out Rachel's writings at CultureMass and her own website, I Protagonist. I wanna thank Rachel for all her columns and the hard work she put in. Congratulations on the new gig, and you'll always have a place at the Cube!

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R C Qualls said...

I kind of wondered how you were able to do the writing flying trapeze you were pulling off week in and week out. Now it's time to become the teacher beyond the adept student. :)

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